Observations from Minnesota Developer Conference 2011

This week in Minneapolis the 6th annual Minnesota Developer Conference (MDC11) was held in Bloomington and it brought with it a record crowd of 500+ attendees. The event was broken into 7 tracks with 4 sessions each along with a keynote. I am also involved in setting up and running a “Rock Paper Azure” tournament…


Mobile Game + Cloud = RPA on Windows Phone 7

Last night I was out at the Mankato .NET User Group meeting talking about how the cloud makes mobile applications better, and we used Rock Paper Scissors as our scenario for the meeting. Starting from a blank slate we create a Windows Phone Application (with the latest phone tools for 7.1 release), and added an…


What’s DreamSpark?

With the technology landscape constantly changing and evolving around new tools, technologies and releases it can be challenging to keep up. In an effort to make it easier for students to use the latest tools, Microsoft set up the DreamSpark program in 2008 to provide students with software design and development tools at no charge….


How to take an ASP.NET site to the Cloud in about 15 minutes

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s “Platform as a Service” or PaaS offering in the cloud space that provides developers with an updated, scalable and durable environment to deploy applications to. Over the last year I’ve spent quite a bit of time working with the Windows Azure Boot Camp crew to help people learn about the cloud,…


Creating a Boot from VHD in Win7

In a previous post last year I explained how you can use BCDEDIT to modify the boot configuration to run your machine from a virtual hard drive built with an operating system on it. I use boot from VHD to give me the opportunity to have multiple configurations of beta and release builds of tools…


Rock Paper Azure on Windows Phone

Yesterday I delivered a talk on how to build a cloud connected mobile game for a local user group here in Minneapolis. We showed how to use the Identity Management features of Windows Azure App Fabric and Access Control Services to identify a user, then play the classic Roshambo game against a cloud service. A…