Twin Cities Code Camp Code Posted

WP_000116 Now there’s a fun blog post title…ha! This weekend we had 500+ people registered for the 9th Twin Cities Code Camp here in Minneapolis. I was able to participate in a couple sessions and talk about what’s new and possible with various technologies, this time including in that mix SharePoint, Silverlight, WCF Data Services and OData. For those who attended or are otherwise interested the code’s been posted to my site Now it’s time to switch gears and get ready for some webcasts that are coming up. The schedule will include:

  • BTLOD-53 : Diving into the ADO.NET Entity Framework - The ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0 is the Microsoft data access mapping technology that is available to developers for working with data in their applications. Join us as we dive into the capabilities and limitations of Entity Framework 4.0 and cover a variety of topics including object to table mappings, code generation, POCO support, and much more. Find out where the Entity Framework fits in your tool belt and how you can use it to streamline your development process.
  • BTLOD-54 : Developing Solutions with SharePoint and Data - As developers, we work with data in all its many glorious forms. Microsoft SharePoint is not just a great collaboration tool and content management system, it can also be a data provider and a data consumer. In this webcast, we take a look at the various approaches for integrating SharePoint 2010 with line-of-business data and explore the various options for making it all work. We cover customizing lists, Business Data Catalog (BDC), OData feeds, and more.

We’ve also got the upcoming schedule for MSDN Radio that I’ll publish in a separate post. We’ll see you online!

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