More BenkoTips webcasts in September

We’ve got some more webcasts added to the schedule for September. I’m focusing more on data, so the topics of the Microsoft Data Stack and SQL Azure are where we’re starting. I am looking for ideas for future webcasts, so if you want to provide me feedback email me at Details of the webcasts & registration links are below:

  • Sept 8, 2010 9:00 am PST – SQL Azure for Developers (
    Working with data is core to what we do as developers. With the release of the Microsoft SQL Azure Database cloud offering, developers have a new set of options and features that make it possible to take full advantage of the scalability and availability of this platform. In this webcast, we take a look at what SQL Azure means for developers and show how to create and manage a database in the cloud. We also explore the tools and the practices for using the tools.
  • Sept 22, 2010 9:00 am PST – Developing with the Microsoft Data Stack (
    Data is the core of why we build systems and solutions and look for opportunities to automate and simplify. What are the options and when do you make the tradeoffs? In this webcast, we look at what's new with the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework and explain how it works with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Representational State Transfer (REST), and RIA Data Services. We also explore the technologies and the trends that are driving the ADO.NET Entity Framework to see how to take advantage of these new technologies.


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