MSDN Radio Schedule

Show Schedule

  • 4/26 - Expression, Poetry, and the Windows Phone with Christian Schorrman
  • 5/3 - Visual Studio, MVC, and more with Scott Guthrie
  • 5/10 - The SharePoint Developer with Steve Fox
  • 5/17 - What about Windows with Mark Russinovich

Past Shows

  • 3/22 [Listen] - There's a Feed for That, After MIX with Pablo Castro
  • 3/29 [Listen] - What you need to know about Silverlight with Tim Heuer
  • 4/5 [Listen] - From Visual Studio to CodePlex with Zain Naboulsi and Sara Ford
  • 4/12 [Listen] - The ASP.NET Developer Evolved with Joe Stagner
  • 4/19 [Listen] - XNA and Windows Phone 7 Series with Michael Klucher

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  1. Trees says:

    Hey guys, great program. Would be great to be able to listen away from the computer. Any chance of mp3 downloads in some form?

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