More SharePoint Webcast Goodness Coming Soon!

This week as a part of the followup from an internal Microsoft Conference (TechReady 6) I have scheduled some more webcasts on SharePoint to run every Thursday morning in March. This will include 4 sessions that will dive deeper info topics like Ajax. Cardspace and Silvelight. These will include:

· 3/6 - Customizing SharePoint: Ever wondered how you can use SharePoint but have your own custom look and feel? In this webcast we will look at the site customization techniques of creating custom MasterPages, Themes and Layouts to give your web site your own look and feel.

· 3/13 - SharePoint and Authentication: In this  session we cover the basics and how to use the Authentication and Membership Providers. We look at creating a custom provider and CardSpace can be used to login to your SharePoint site. This session will look at the advanced tools available in IIS 7.0 for configuring and deploying SharePoint.

· 3/20 - SharePoint and AJAX: Explore the world of modern web development techniques by looking at how Microsoft’s AJAX library and SharePoint can be used together to deliver compelling user experience. In this webcast we show the various approaches to integrating AJAX in WSS 3.0 and then cover what’s improved in sp1.

· 3/27- SharePoint and SilverLight: Rich User Experience is getting easier to create with the release of Silverlight. In this session we show how Silverlight takes advantage of XAML and provides an easy way to build compelling user interfaces. We will demonstrate using the 1.0 version of Silverlight as well as what’s new in 2.0 that allows the developer and designer to collaborate to build exciting new applications.


I will be updating the links as soon as they go live.



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