Twin Cities Code Camp

Interested attendee! What did you do last Saturday? I had the great chance to hang out & present at the Twin Cities Code Camp ( and talk about some great new stuff that developers might find interesting. These include an overview talk about new technologies for working with data, including LINQ and Astoria, and then a talk on the significance of XAML and how it is used in both full WPF applications and in Silverlight.

The data talk was a combination of topics I've covered in webcasts, MSDN events and conference talks I've done in the last few months, including how LINQ works, the Entity Model Framework, and Web Data Services - Astoria. As developers we need to be aware of what's possible, and if there are easier ways of accomplishing a task with less code that means that we'll deploy less code and reduce the support costs associated with it.

In the User Experience talk we covered how XAML is impacting the types of application interfaces we can build and the techniques for deploying it. This included a full WPF application for a fictitious product called the VPR-1000 in which we went through animating the interface. And then we built some Silverlight applications both from the 1.0 release as well as 1.1, and then we looked at using the AJAX Futures media control to play videos on your page.

As per usual I've posted the code to for registered users. Check it out & let me know if I missed anything.


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