WCF Performance and Deployment Webcast

Technorati Tags: FMC MasterClass , WCF Yesterday I delivered the most recent addition to the Framework MasterClass Webcast Series on WCF Performance and Deployment. We covered issues surrounding the deployment and scalability of WCF services as hosted by IIS and Windows Activation Service. As per usual I’ve posted the code to BenkoTIPS downloads section, but…


Announcing – The Benko Blog-Roll

Are you out there? Are you actually reading this? Do you have thoughts of your own that you’d like to share? Would you  like to have a place where you can find out what other people who are in as similar role think about what’s going in the the technology world? I have. Since I…


Twin Cities Code Camp

What did you do last Saturday? I had the great chance to hang out & present at the Twin Cities Code Camp (http://www.TwinCitiesCodeCamp.com/TCCC/) and talk about some great new stuff that developers might find interesting. These include an overview talk about new technologies for working with data, including LINQ and Astoria, and then a talk…


Code Posted for WCF Custom Channels

I just uploaded the code for today’s webcast on Custom Channels in WCF. In this webcast we looked at what’s involved in customizing the way that WCF works and how you can extend its behavior. There was a lot of C# code and we created channels, channel factories, binding elements and the binding collections themselves….


Using Windows Live Writer!

Technorati Tags: New Stuff Ok…so I’m not always the best at adopting the latest technologies, even though I talk about them and help people understand what’s possible. But sometimes you find something that’s so compelling that you gotta stop and really look at changing your habits. Old habits die hard, but show me an easier…


Thank You Heartland Dev Conference!

I just got back from the HDC07 in Omaha. It was great to see so many people that I recognized and to have the chance to catch up on what’s going on. We had Scott Guthrie (http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu) from Redmond in town doing the keynote and as usual I saw a lot of very cool things…


Popfly goes BETA!

Check it out!  Today at the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Summit Microsoft announced that we’re opening the Popfly beta to the world. That means that anyone can use this innovative cool tool to create your own custom “mash-up” pages without the need to write extensive (or hardly any) code. In case you’re wondering, a Mashup is…