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So you're wondering what's going on with this blog, and what's new? Starting April 13, I'm doing a webcast series on Windows SharePoint 3.0 as a platform for developers and looking at the tools and technologies available for customizing portals and sites.

I'm excited to be partnering up with Lynn Langit to deliver it weekly with a pretty decent selection of topics. In April we are on Mondays, but it looks like May we will be switching to a Friday format. As always I will post the links and code as they become available. Here is our schedule so far:

  • Part 1 – SharePoint for Developers
    4/13/2007 1 pm PST
    : Join the first webcast of this four-part series to find out what you need to know about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as a developer. We cover the basics of SharePoint Server 2007, and we show how you can use this new product to simplify collaboration, development, and management of your software projects. Learn what it takes to set up SharePoint Server 2007, customize the master pages, and how you can use other tools to develop custom applications. Attend this session to discover compelling reasons for choosing the new 2007 Microsoft Office system and SharePoint Server 2007 for your solution development needs.
  • Part 2 – SharePoint Designer 2007
    4/16/2006 1 pm PST:
    There are many tools to choose from for developing Web sites; in this second installment of our series, we look at Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, a new product for creating standards-based Web sites. See how you can build powerful applications on the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies platform to enhance your productivity and deliver rich-looking sites. Join this session to learn how you can use SharePoint Designer 2007 to take advantage of Microsoft ASP.NET version 2.0, Web Parts, and integration with SharePoint Products and Technologies.
  • Part 3 – Migrating to SharePoint
    4/23/2006 1 pm PST:
    Do you have a portal site that you would like to host in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services? In this third installment of our series on Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies for developers, see what is involved in the process of moving a portal site to Windows SharePoint Services. Topics we cover include: using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to customize the master page, creating new content types, and working with workflow.
  • Part 4 – SharePoint and Access 2007 4/30/2007 1 pm PST: So far in this webcast series, we covered how Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies serve as powerful collaboration tools. In this final session, we take a look at how Microsoft Office Access 2007 integrates with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. Join this session to learn how Access 2007, the popular data management application, and Windows SharePoint Services enable you to centralize and simplify data management, and share data across your organization.
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  1. o3APA3A says:

    This looks like a merketing event – nothing for the real development. I need more documentation, deep dive examples, more Visual Studio integration tools. BTW, Sharepoint Designer looks like a student project, not a development tool.

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