Expression Web Style Management

After the MSDN event in Dallas this week an attendee stuck around to talk about Expression Web. He’s a designer and had been working with XWeb for over 6 months, since it first was available as a beta. I asked him what he thought was the coolest feature of XWeb, and he replied that it…


XNA Beta 2 Demos

Coding for fun? Today in Fargo we got a chance to play around with the latest XNA Express tools for building games on the XBox 360. Some changes in how it works, so I’ve got some new sample code you can download by simply registering on my site. Check it out & WARP UP! 


Need help with C#?

Looking for love in all the right places… What? You want to know everything there is to know about a new language? Well, ff you’re looking to learn how to develop in C# and want to learn all there is to know, you need to visit Bill Steele’s website and register for one of the…


SQL Tuning Webcast

As promised I’m posting the code we used for doing some of our analysis for tuning SQL Server applications. In today’s webcast we started out by assuming we didn’t know much about the schema we were working with, so we captured a profile trace of what was running on the server (to simulate the server…


Questions from Portland

On Tuesday this week I had the pleasure to join the rain-soaked crowd in Portland at the MSDN event. We had a great turn out, with lot’s of great questions about how to use “Team Data” and Workflow. Some were interested in how to implement persistence in Workflow and I mentioned that I had some…


Election Day!

Yes, that’s right. It’s time to get out and participate. If you haven’t already, go out and vote. Not only does that give you a chance to determine the direction we’re headed, but it also gives you the right to complain.


Going Mobile!

Today I had the rare and great opportunity to tag team with my TS2 counterparts to deliver a Mobility Seminar in Minneapolis. My good friend and presenter extraordinaire Fred Pullen and I tag teamed a presentation which showed what is possible with Microsoft’s Mobility Stack. Beyond simple email we covered how to secure the channel,…


MSAM – More than just MSDN?

Those who’ve joined me at the live MSDN Events might be aware that the team I’m part of is broader than just developers. It’s called Microsoft Across America or MSAM for short, and consists of event programs in a variety of areas. One of these I was actually quite close to over the last couple…


Rocking in the Heartland

Here I am…Rock you like a Hurricane! Wow! This Friday I had the chance to make it to Omaha for the 2006 Heartland Developer’s Conference. As one of the major non-MS run events in the central region, this event has doubled it’s participation and attendance each year over the 3 years it’s been around to the…


Meandering across America…

What a week. I’ve been fighting a cold since Monday, when I left for Kansas, then went through Houston & on to El Paso. Tomorrow morning I fly off to Denver then on to Omaha to speak at the Heartland Developer Conference. Finally I’ll be returning to Minneapolis for a much needed break. I wanted…