Ben on vacation

I will be on vacation until mid-December, so it is unlikely that I will make any more posts until then, or even maybe January.  -Ben Karas


From bad to worse – the bus ride home

Today started out nice.  But midday it started raining heavily and the wind trashed around a lot.  Our building had several brown-outs and reset our computers.  Seeing how windy it was, I checked online for any potential bridge closures.  Fortunately, none of the 20 state highway closures involved the 520 bridge.  Yes, 20 highway closures….


Where’s Ben?

I’m really sorry to let this blog go dark.  I’ve been moving apartments and have been remiss in writing entries (or even an explanation!!).  I’ll get back to regular postings next week.


Save the World… of Warcraft

Yup, I’m one of “those” people.  I play World of Warcraft to pass the time if I don’t have anything else scheduled to do.  It’s the only game I play right now, so it weighed heavily in my decision to upgrade to Vista.  At the time, I was very happy to find that it ran…


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Vista

Today I’d like to share the fearful tale about a Vista upgrade gone horribly wrong and of my fantastic recovery.  Based on a true story… It is a still moonless night when I decide to take the plunge and upgrade my home machine to Windows Vista Ultimate.  I’ve been sweating about this procedure for weeks now;  I could…


Say Cheese!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted recently.  I’ve been busy with an apartment search, softball games, and numerous other things that eat up the free time I need to write detailed posts about the property system. For filler, I suppose I’ll have to talk about something different — CHEESE!  I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Therefore,…


Surprise! My success is your failure

Windows APIs often use HRESULTs.  Almost every function returns an HRESULT and almost every caller is expected to check it.  COM provides a few helpers for these tasks: SUCCEEDED()/FAILED() broadly check for success or for failure; HRESULT_FROM_WIN32() constructures a failure code from a Win32 error code; etc. There is also a naming convension.  Success codes…