Pandora and the Music Genome Project

A coworker recently turned me onto, a new music service backed by the Music Genome Project.  The concept is to create a radio station tailored to your exact likes and dislikes.  You tell it an artist you enjoy and it decodes what makes you enjoy that style of music. 

What I like about this service is that it is free and has a single non-annoying, unobtrusive ad that refreshes every few seconds.  Not bad!  This is especially nice with IE 7 tabs.  I can place Pandora on one tab and then continue surfing the net.  When it comes time to rate a new song, I just tab over and then tab back. 

-Ben Karas

ps.  I keep meaning to blog about how to write a property handler.  Honestly!  But I've discovered that blogging is hard if you want to talk about technical content.  Not only do I have to write a program ahead of time, but I have to research the nooks and crannies of the APIs, design a way to present it, etc.  Plus I've been working hard lately (writing documentation, working late, waiting for the Seattle buses to put their chains on, etc.).  Maybe I should just develop funny opinions which are quicker to blog?

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  1. MichaelDotNet says:

    If you liked Pandora, you should check out (, it suggests new music based on other user’s who listen to the same music as you, it’s also has it’s own suggestion service.  And the best part is, it can work with Pandora as well (

  2. Joseph says:

    I’ve been using Pandora for quite a while, and absolutely love it. MSN Music is using this now – wonder if this means the MS may consider acquiring them and offering as Windows Live Music perhaps?

  3. benkaras says:

    Thanks for the links!  I’ll check them out.

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