Building a data mart to analyse web log traffic

I recently had the opportunity to build a data mart in order to analyse web logs from IIS servers.  The solution utilised SQL Server 2012 Database Engine, Integration Services, Analysis Services and Excel 2010 (to slice/dice the data).    Loading IIS logs (text files with fixed width spaces) was fairly challenging due as the column definitions…


Redux: Using an SSIS package to monitor and archive the default trace file

I’ve recently been asked for details regarding the SSIS package I wrote to copy and archive the default trace file which is generated by SQL Server.  The contents of the file can be quite useful for troubleshooting or diagnosis purposes. I’ve updated the package to work with SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012.  …


Redux: Using a C# script task in SSIS to download a file over http

A few people have asked for further information about the C# script task which I blogged about (quite a while ago).  I mistakenly forgot to add the full source code, sorry everyone.  Here is the link to the original blog post: I have since imported the SSIS package into Visual Studio 2010 (BIDS) and…

Are you interested in Data Science?

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