Finally, SQLCAT have a dedicated site

Lots of useful info appearing here  This is a great article on database mirroring log compression in Katmai


SQL Server 2008 CTP 4 available as VHD

This is a nice touch, the pre-canned VHD’s are now available for pre-release versions of SQL Server 2008 CTP4 and Windows Server 2008 Beta 3  Note: the VHD download is split into approximately four compressed .rar files.

How do I find out if Large Values out of Row is enabled?

I thought the SQL Server 2005 Large Values out of Row would be a sp_tableoption config value similar to text in row – apparently not!  It took a while to find out that this is hidden in sys.tables.  The following query returns the value I was looking for: SELECT [name] AS tablename, large_value_types_out_of_row FROM sys.tables


PerformancePoint Server 2007 UK Launch

The PPS UK launch is happening on 16th October in London.  Sign up here:


Katmai July CTP is released

It’s nice to see a new CTP of Katmai on the Microsoft Connect site – I’ve been waiting to look at the new database mirroring enhancement which performs automatic page repair.  There are many other features in this CTP which are listed here which will be covered in the webcasts over August 

SQL Server Predeployment I/O Best Practices

I like this whitepaper particularly because it talks about tuning, validating and benchmarking the storage system before laying down SQL Server on the disk.  It is nice to see a mention of the disk sector alignment benefits in a SQL document as this has been mentioned before but primarily for Exchange, of course these problems go…

SQL Server 2005 Books Online receives another update

I almost missed this one.. SQL Server 2005 has received another update (May 2007) which can be downloaded here: – watch out, its 135mb! The updated BOL is also on MSDN 🙂

Katmai Webcast

Katmai information is slowly making its way into the public domain.  There is a good webcast scheduled today.  Further info here:

Cumulative Update (Build 3161) for SQL Server 2005 SP2

A new cumulative hotfix has been released and contains quite a few important fixes.  Read more about this build here 

Microsoft Certified Architect: Database

Read more about the new certification here