New cumulative update++

Just noticed that the a new cumulative update for SQL Server 2005 service pack 2 has been released.  The KB is here  The incremental servicing model has also been clearly defined in the following knowledge base article

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  1. Colin Leversuch-Roberts says:

    I know the model shows frequent updates but to be honest it’s starting to get difficult to keep up with the version numbers and it’s much more difficult to present a series of updates rather than a service pack to change board – plus it almost seems there’s a constant series of fixes for sql 2005 which gives the impresssion of the product being full of bugs and doesn’t help with the perception of the product by others ( or it is full of bugs of course < grin > )

  2. superlatch says:

    Agreed – and the same comments have been voiced by many customers. We typically recommend testing and deploying the latest SP and hotfix package but it is not always as simple as this e.g. SAP installations support only specific SQL Server builds / planned outages are difficult to schedule etc. The new support model provides consistent delivery of hotfix packages between SP’s – some customers are fairly aggressive with their hotfix strategy but I also see customers who deploy as and when required.  

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