New Downloads, Yukon Samples, Metadata & Performance Tuning Whitepaper

Ok, I know I haven't posted for a while...  but as it is a new year I thought I'd try and post more frequently. 

Some new (and really good) SQL Server 2005 downloads have appeared recently on the  I've listed these below:

SQL Server 2005 Samples and Sample Databases (December 2005)

Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Metadata Whitepaper

This white paper covers several interesting and unique methods for managing metadata in SQL Server Integration Services, Analysis Services and Reporting Services using built-in features including data lineage, business and technical metadata and impact analysis.

SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Metadata Samples Toolkit

SQL Server 2005 BI Metadata Samples provides tools and samples for analysing dependencies within and across SSIS and SSAS.
The source code for the tools is provided.
The following are the components of this pack:
DependencyAnalyzer: a utility that scans SSIS packages and SSAS databases for enumerating metadata (objects, properties and dependencies).
DependencyViewer: a utility to view metadata organization & inter-dependencies (lineage/impact analysis).
Analysis Services Samples : sample SSAS packages that can be analyzed
Integration Services Samples: sample SSIS packages that can be analyzed
Report Model Samples (Report Builder): report builder model
Reports: sample reports built from metadata store
SQL: SQL script for creating metadata store

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