Why can’t I remove my storage account ?

You may want to remove a storage account you’ve created and get a message like this one: Storage account <mystorage> has container(s) which have an active image and/or disk artifacts. Ensure those artifacts are removed from the image repository before deleting this storage account. Here is what you may want to check. In the management…


How to deploy a Python module to Windows Azure HDInsight

Introduction In a previous post, I explained how to run Hive + Python in HDInsight (Hadoop as a service in Windows Azure). The sample showed a Python script using standard modules such as hashlib. In real life, modules need to be installed on the machine before they can be used. Recently, I had to use…


A simple example: how to call Python from Hive in HDInsight

Introduction Hadoop framework distributes code execution automatically in a multi node cluster. This code is also distributed against the dataset. Code development in Hadoop can be done in Java and one has to implement a map function and a reduce function; both manipulate keys and values as inputs and outputs. At a higher level, there…


How to use HDInsight from Linux

HDinsight is very easy to use from PowerShell, but how would you create and delete a cluster from Linux? How would you submit a job and get the result? Here is is a simple sample and pointers to further documentation. 1. Create a cluster You can create a cluster with the Windows Azure Command Line…


Windows Azure, PowerShell: How to start virtual machines in parallel

In Windows Azure, I sometimes have several virtual machines that are part of the same vNet but are spread across different cloud services. Several VMs in the same cloud service are not started in parallel,. However, I have several cloud services so I may want to deploy in parallel my VMs from one script. In…


Azure Camp 100% en ligne aka.ms/1erJuillet

L’Azure Camp 100% en ligne avec de nombreux témoignages de partenaires commence à 15h sur https://aka.ms/1erJuillet.


How to install Hadoop on Windows Azure Linux virtual machines

Windows Azure HDInsight is the simplest option to get a Hadoop cluster up and running very quickly in a Windows Azure environment. Among other numerous advantages, this service allows to use Windows Azure blob storage (ASV or Azure Storage Vault for short) exactly as HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system). In its public beta version, Windows…


How to use Windows Azure with a Windows Azure Active Directory account

There has been some news about Windows Azure Active Directory recently. Yesterday an announce has been made about a deeper integration between Windows Azure portal and Windows Azure Active Directory (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsazure/archive/2013/03/04/more-identity-and-access-management-improvements-in-windows-azure.aspx).   I had created a Windows Azure Active Directory standalone tenant a few weeks ago. You can do this yourself; it is available at…


Sample Windows Azure Virtual Machines PowerShell Scripts

I sometimes show a platform that requires a bunch of Windows Azure virtual machines. It has 1 Active Directory domain controller (n123dc1), 3 SQL Server VMs for database mirroring (n123sql1, n123sql2, and n123sp20131 which also happens to have a SharePoint Server 2013 installed), and 2 members of a SharePoint 2012 Web Front End. Between two…


Hadoop + SSIS, SSIS + Windows Azure Blob Storage

I worked on a white paper which has just been published on MSDN J’ai travaillé sur un livre blanc qui vient d’être publié sur MSDN Leveraging a Hadoop cluster from SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) I’d like to point out that the paper comes with sample code (thanks Rémi!) that can also be used besides…