BizTalk explained in 2 slides

Different services inside a company work with their own applications. They need to exchange information several times a day. For instance, sales people send orders to production once a day. All this correspond to non formal business processes.Services applications must continue to be able to live their lives independently.  For instance, marketing application will be…


BizTalk Server 2006 Documenter URL

UK SDC BizTalk 2006 Documenter tool used to be on gotdotnet. It is now, as many gotdotnet projects on codeplex. Here is the updated URL: The name became simpler too: BizTalk Server 2006 Documenter


SAP .NET Connector must be installed for all users

BizTalk Server 2004 and BizTalk Server 2006 SAP Adapter requires and uses the SAP .NET Connector which is distributed by SAP. For BizTalk Server 2006, you need SAP .NET Connecter 1.0.3 Runtime.     It looks like only the user who installed the SAP .NET Connecter 1.0.3 Runtime can use it, and thus use SAP…


UpdateActivity check points are case sensitive

While using BAM API (with BizTalk Server 2006, but I think it would be the same with BizTalk Server 2004), we received an exception like this:     Failed to execute event.         Exception type: BAMTraceException Source: Microsoft.BizTalk.Bam.EventObservation Target Site: Boolean PersistNoBatches(System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection, Int32) The following is a stack trace that identifies the location where the…


MQSeries Adapter (Client Based)

Need a BizTalk adapter for MQSeries that does not require a Windows MQSeries server (for instance, you might have only a mainframe MQSeries server) ? Host Integration Server 2006 provides the MQSC (MQSeries Adapter (Client Based)). Apply for beta thru (choose Available Programs) or visit for further information.  


BizTalk Server 2006 Lifecycle short video demos with description(no sound)

HTML Source EditorWord wrap BizTalk Server 2006 LifeCycleDemos description V1.0     Introduction Sample ConfirmationApp application High Availability Execution Platform Demos Deploy application with MSI (InstallConfirmApp_3min21.wmv) Application’s bindings (ConfirmApp_1_bindings_4min24.wmv) Application’s execution on different servers (ConfirmApp_2_scale_and_availability_7min11.wmv) MOM 2005 Administration Console overview (ConfirmApp_MOM_Admin_2min02.wmv) MOM 2005 Operator console overview (ConfirmApp_MOM_Operator_3min25.wmv) Creation of a new Host (NewSampleInProcHost_4min24.wmv) Send Handler…


BizTalk Server 2006 – Host instance wouldn’t start because of bad configuration

I’ve searched some time before finding this one. So let’s share the knowledge. You may have this kind of event when a host instance starts Event Type: ErrorEvent Source: BizTalk Server 2006Event Category: BizTalk Server 2006 Event ID: 5410Date: …Time: …User: N/AComputer: …Description:Failed while executing a Windows service request.Service request: StartBizTalk host name: BizTalkServerApplicationWindows service…


Unifying XML namespaces and .NET namespaces

I just want to share how I usually create XML Namespaces. Let’s say I work for a contoso company which has a site at and I’m defining an XML schema in a BizTalk Server 2004. BizTalk Server 2004 will create a .NET Class out of this XSD schema that would live inside my BizTalk Server…