Delete Old Files script

This sample script (WHICH IS PROVIDED AS IS) may help purging files older than n days in a folder  Just copy the following code to a VBS file (DeleteOldFiles.vbs). Sample call: cscript DeleteOldFiles.vbs C:\Windows\Temp 90 The code is:   option explicit Call DoTheJob()WScript.Echo “— end of script execution —” Sub DoTheJob    dim limitDate    dim formattedLimitDate   …


Application Pool with a domain user account identity

ContextWindows Server 2003 / IIS6- Virtual Directory running under an application pool with a domain user account identity- Virtual Directory security is set to Integrated authentication only- Trying to access this virtual directory from a domain user account (same domain as app pool identity account)SymptomsFrom web server, no pb. From another machine, domain user is…


franglais (half French, half English) code might be OK under some circumstances

I usually work with French companies where development happens in English because the code might be maintained, sent or whatever to other developers in the world that don’t speak French.That’s the theory. In practice, I often encounter code written in “franglais” (half English, half French). Among many bad reasons, there is one reason that seems…


UpdateActivity check points are case sensitive

While using BAM API (with BizTalk Server 2006, but I think it would be the same with BizTalk Server 2004), we received an exception like this:     Failed to execute event.         Exception type: BAMTraceException Source: Microsoft.BizTalk.Bam.EventObservation Target Site: Boolean PersistNoBatches(System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection, Int32) The following is a stack trace that identifies the location where the…


define new cultures like en-FR with .NET Framework 2.0

Some global companies use English as their official language because English is the language spoken by most people at least in working environment in occidental countries. But this is not very common to obtain a response when asking what culture is the official culture. For a French global company, is it en-GB, en-US? I would…


Could not reset IIS, IISAdmin wouldn’t start

When trying to start IISAdmin, I get —————————Services—————————Windows could not start the IIS Admin Service on Local Computer. For more information, review the System Event Log. If this is a non-Microsoft service, contact the service vendor, and refer to service-specific error code -2147417831.—————————OK   ————————— Event log contains Description:The IIS Admin Service service terminated with service-specific…


debug .NET Assembly loading

Create a text file named fusionLog.regEdit it with notepad and add the following content: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Fusion]”ZapQuotaInKB”=dword:000f4240″ViewerAttributes”=dword:50b00149″LogFailures”=dword:00000001″LogPath”=”c:\\log\\Fusion””ForceLog”=dword:00000000″LogResourceBind”=dword:00000001   create a folder c:\log\fusion   double click the fusionLog.reg file and accept adding info in the registry Each time an assembly fails to load, a log file is created in c:\log\fusion folder In order…


MQSeries Adapter (Client Based)

Need a BizTalk adapter for MQSeries that does not require a Windows MQSeries server (for instance, you might have only a mainframe MQSeries server) ? Host Integration Server 2006 provides the MQSC (MQSeries Adapter (Client Based)). Apply for beta thru (choose Available Programs) or visit for further information.  


Should I deploy my C# code to a SQL Server 2005 stored procedure?

I think one of the criteria is: Will this make SQL Server cluster consume less resources (CPU, Memory, Network bandwith, …) to have the C# code inside the database or outside the database? The reason is that in a typical Web infrastructure where you have a SQL cluster that does not scale out as easily as the…


Session State was not kept in a web farm

One of the ways to replicate content from a Web Server in an IIS 6 Web Farm to other servers in the farm is to use IISMT tool.IISMT is a migration tool but it can also be used to “migrate” copy content and metabase configuration from IIS 6 to another IIS 6 server.On a platform…