Azure Management Certificates (German Cloud, Azure Deutschland)

German Cloud Black Forest
German Cloud Black Forest

This article has to do mostly with the German Cloud, #GermanCloud #AzureGermany because it is most probable that there will not be anything similar to deployed to this solution.  Why is that important?  It is important because this is historically how many people configured thier PowerShell or other clients to make deployments/configurations onto Azure. …


How (I) configured Azure Active Directory into my ASP.NET MVC OWIN web application


Before I get started, keep in mind, that I am not a security expert, if you want to enable security for your Azure App Service Web App I recommend using EasyAuth as described here, so much easier, IMO.  You likely get some benefits from the ‘Change Authentication’ features of: No Authentication Individual User Accounts Work…


How to setup IP Security Restrictions for an Azure App Service

I wrote an article here that describes how to connect to a Web App from IIS manager. If you cannot do that, read down at the bottom of the article where I show the configuration you can add to the web.config manually. Here is a document that discusses this feature in more detail. Once you…


Make a self-signed SHA256 SSL certificate

I wrote an article about making an SSL certificate using MAKECERT here, but that example used the default SHA1 signature hash algorithm which is deprecating.  Therefore, instead of the command shown in Figure 6 on the referenced article, I recommend using this command, that includes the SHA256 attribute, similar to that shown in Figure 1: makecert…


How to add a Server Core IIS server to a domain

I have been messing around with Server Core, this is a much friendlier version when I need to closely manage physical hardware resources like CPU and memory.  Plus, there are fewer updates that I need to install with the much more limited OS foot print. As I buld my IIS servers to test a reproduction of…


Configure Application Request Routing with Windows Authentication, Kerberos

If you have not already read this article, please do which is a prequel to this one that explains the basic installation and configuration of ARR using anonymous authentication. The steps for configuring Application Request Routing (ARR) to use Windows Authentication -> Kerberos, are: Set authentication protocol on IIS (Server Farm) servers to Windows Authentication…


Why am I getting this challenge response popup?

Real quick, the reason for the credential pop-up is because the URL you are accessing is not in the Local Intranet trusted sites lists, as shown in Figure 6a and 6b! I setup a domain and did some learning on Kerberos. The first lessons I learned working towards a better understanding of Kerberos was some…


Using TLS 1.2 with WCF

NOTE: Security is a very serious topic and you should always engage an IT security expert before deploying an application that needs to be secure.  This article is intended to share my experience versus being an article to use as a guideline. With all the news about the different vulnerabilities like heartbleed and poodle, developers and…