ASP.NET 5 renamed to ASP.NET Core 1.0


I was reading this article here which made a lot of sense.  There was a bit of confusion on my part that was touched on as originally I assumed that ASP.NET 5 was the newer version of ASP.NET 4.6 while in fact it was a whole new branch of the feature.  With branch I mean,…


Creating a Wi-Fi connection to my Lumia 640XL, with the Gadgeteer

My first Gadgeteer project I wrote about here used an Ethernet connection.  However, this limited the mobility of my device and therefore wanted to configure the device to connect to a Wi-Fi network.  I must mention that another coolness factor with this Wi-Fi project was I used the Wi-Fi internet sharing capability on my Microsoft…


Upload an image to an Azure Blob container using the Gadgeteer (Part 1)

I wrote an article here that explained how I got an HTTPS request to work from my Gadgeteer.  This was one of the steps I took during the process of achieving my ultimate goal of storing an image, taken from a camera and placing it into an Azure Blob container.  Sure, taking a picture and sending…


How I got HTTPS to work with the .Net Micro Framework and my Gadgeteer

I have begun my pursuit of the Internet of Things (IoT) via the .NET Micro Framework and a FEZ Spider.  I am currently using the following SDKs: .NET MF 4.3 RTM (QFE1) .NET Gadgeteer NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R3 When I was trying to make a connection to my Azure Blob Storage, I was…