How to view the event logs of your Azure App Service

Azure App Service
Azure App Service

I have mentioned how to download the eventlog.xml file to view the events which are happening on your Azure App Service (Web App, Mobile App, API App, Logic App) here and here. You can also look at the event logs in a event viewer using KUDU, I discussed KUDU here. Keep in mind that if…


Creating a W3WP memory dump on Windows Server 2012 R2

On a web server with multiple application pools, there most likely will be multiple W3WP processes. Therefore, the first action to take when creating a memory dump of a W3WP worker process is to find which one you need to get the dump of. I wrote a short article on how to get a worker…


Using TLS 1.2 with WCF

NOTE: Security is a very serious topic and you should always engage an IT security expert before deploying an application that needs to be secure.  This article is intended to share my experience versus being an article to use as a guideline. With all the news about the different vulnerabilities like heartbleed and poodle, developers and…


Using Network Tracing to debug System.Net based issues

I have worked on a number of cases where web services or URLs are called using a code segment like the below code snippet. HttpWebRequest request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(URL); HttpWebResponse response = (HttpWebResponse)request.GetResponse(); The result of the GetResponse() method is some kind of error, for example a Timeout Exception, which is not always brought up to…


Using HTTP ETW tracing to troubleshoot HTTP issues

I wrote this article here in regards to an issue that I was having after installing an SSL certificate on an IIS web server. One of the tools I used was the HTTP ETW trace, also known as LOGMAN. As you notice from reading the other previous article, I was receiving a 404 HTTP Status…