ASP.NET WebAPI results in a 405 Method Not Allowed HTTP response


I was working on an IoT project where my device was calling a WebAPI.  I had two methods, one had the signature shown in Listing 1 and the other in Listing 2. UPDATE 6-JUN-2016, check here for some exception handling tips. Listing 1, GET employees [Route(“api/TC/{custId}”)] public IQueryable<EmployeeDTO> GetEmployees(string custId) {  var db = new fhEntities();…


Creating a Wi-Fi connection to my Lumia 640XL, with the Gadgeteer

My first Gadgeteer project I wrote about here used an Ethernet connection.  However, this limited the mobility of my device and therefore wanted to configure the device to connect to a Wi-Fi network.  I must mention that another coolness factor with this Wi-Fi project was I used the Wi-Fi internet sharing capability on my Microsoft…


Upload an image to an Azure Blob container using the Gadgeteer (Part 1)

I wrote an article here that explained how I got an HTTPS request to work from my Gadgeteer.  This was one of the steps I took during the process of achieving my ultimate goal of storing an image, taken from a camera and placing it into an Azure Blob container.  Sure, taking a picture and sending…


Upload an image to an Azure Blob container using the Gadgeteer (Part 2, source download)

If you have not already read the first part of this blog, please check it out Part 1 here. Uploaded the image to the Azure Blob container This…..was…..hard….  The code wasn’t hard, but getting the header formatted into the correct format was a hurdle, using the Micro Framework.  It’s actually not possible to use the…


How I got HTTPS to work with the .Net Micro Framework and my Gadgeteer

I have begun my pursuit of the Internet of Things (IoT) via the .NET Micro Framework and a FEZ Spider.  I am currently using the following SDKs: .NET MF 4.3 RTM (QFE1) .NET Gadgeteer NETMF and Gadgeteer Package 2014 R3 When I was trying to make a connection to my Azure Blob Storage, I was…