Azure Functions and Azure are blowing my mind

I am really starting to like these Azure Functions.  Just imagining that I don’t even need a server anymore…at all.  Only a few years ago the major blocker was getting a server online to manage requests from your customer, the cost, complexity and management was HUGE!  And now you don’t even need one at all.  These features rolling out in the cloud are absolutely mind-blowing.  AI, Cognitive Services, IoT, ML, sever-less / dynamic computing, etc.… sometimes I think my mind is going to explode with all the ideas, possibilities and capabilities we can create with this.  Especially now that the barrier for entry is so small that individuals can do this…

You can create any client application whether a mobile device, an IoT device, tablet or laptop using any operating system (and coded in C#) to call or trigger the method hosted as an Azure Function.  Clicking a button, temperature thresholds, facial recognition, verbal recognition, a light turning on, entering a GPS location, anything can trigger an Azure Function which can accept and process data and trigger some other event…so awesome.

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