.NET Core application, where is my EXE, how to publish

Short answer, there isn’t one.  When you compile your .NET Core console application for example, you get a DLL.  Then you execute it using the DOTNET command from the .NET Core SDK found here.

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I wrote 3 other articles about a .NET Core console application here, here and here which resulted in the creation of a DLL called: helloworldsleepy-webjob.dll

I right-clicked my .NET Core console application and select the Publish… menu item, which opened a wizard, similar to that shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1, how to publish a .NET Core application

Select the location where you want the PublishOutput to be placed and click the Publish button, see Figure 2.


Figure 2, how to publish a .NET Core application, no EXE?

For testing, I then copied the contents of that directory into C:\Temp\helloworldsleepy-webjob and ran DOTNET helloworldsleepy-webjob.dll as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3, how to execute a .NET Core console application

It runs as expected.

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  1. If you do want to create an .exe binary, you can use a ‘Self-Contained Deployment’:

    But of course this limits the portability of your app…

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