Debugging Azure Functions in Visual Studio

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I wrote this article here where I talk about how to debug and troubleshoot an Azure Bot service.  Since the development approaches are very similar between the Bot Service and an Azure Function, I wonder if this feature will ever support the Bot Service.  It would be much easier doing that versus the example I documented.  That would be cool.

You can download the Visual Studio Tools for Azure Functions here.


Then in Visual Studio select File –> New –> Cloud –> Azure Functions (Preview)


Nonetheless, look at this video where this capability is discussed.  Enjoy and give it a try.

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  1. Ben Duguid says:

    This does indeed work fine for remote debugging your bot services. If you have the project open in VS and then right click on the bot service app in cloud explorer you can step through dialogs, etc. as needed.

    It’s easier to set up and do than the local debugging option, but its also slightly less responsive (as most remote debugging is) and care needs to be taken if other people are using your bot at the same time.

  2. Anon says:

    Feedback on Azure SDK: I clicked the link above which is dead, I found proper link on the internet, which is 1.3GB. Can we have better experience please?

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