How to find your outgoing Azure App Service IP address

If you have ever wondered how to find the outgoing IP address of your Web App, Mobile App, API App or Logic App, look no further.

To see how to find the OUTBOUND IP ADDRESSES from the Azure portal, view Video 1.

Video 1, find outgoing, outbound IP addresses from the portal

You can also capture them from the Azure Resource Explorer here, then navigate to the information as discussed in Video 2.

Video 2, find outgoing, outbound IP addresses using the Azure Resource Explorer

Comments (4)

  1. Adrian Calinescu says:

    One more! 😉 With a one liner:

    # Get App Service Plan outbound IP Addresses
    PS> Get-AzureRmResource -ResourceGroupName -ResourceType Microsoft.Web/sites `
    -ResourceName -ApiVersion 2015-08-01 | select -expand Properties |
    ft @{l=”OutboundIPAddresses”; e={$_.OutboundIPAddresses -split “,”}}


  2. r590 says:

    Are these outbound IPs guaranteed to remain the same as long as the azure web site isn’t deleted?

    1. @r590, there is no guarantee, but they will not change from 1 day to the next, nor is there any plan or real need to change them. I have read that if this ever happens those impacted will get enough warning to make any changes to their systems to prevent any problems. They are never expected to change and you should feel comfortable that they will remain static.

  3. Edward Earle says:


    I can’t see this for my “Logic Apps”. Any idea where or how I might get my outbound IP addresses for a Logic App?

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