How my chatbot remained statefull using Azure Bot Services

One of the challenges I had, well maybe not a challenge, but it took some hours to think it through, with making my #chatbots #chatbot personality was coding in the ability to recall the last question, last #LUIS Intent or #LUIS Entity so that I could reference it for making better decisions on how to…


C# Bot Builder Samples on GitHub

A good way to get ideas and some coding best practice is to look at some examples, there are many of them using C# hosted on GitHub here. I wanted to walk through what they are so I can for myself find or discover some new ideas and best practices for this, as I am…


Publishing a chatbot using Bot Services and LUIS

I wrote an article about how to build a #Bot using the Bot Service in Azure here and another article about how to answer the 10 most common #chatbot questions here.  These are questions that all #chatbots need to answer, that is a very short baseline of what a chatbot needs to respond to. Create a…


How I tested debugged my chatbot that I created using the Bot Services on Azure

Well, the fact that you do not need to use Visual Studio or to install the Bot Framework to get a #chatbot or a generic #Bot up and running still applies.  See my other posts: Create a Bot using an Azure App Service Bot Service Most common chatbot questions and how to answer them Publishing…


Most common chatbot questions and how to answer them

If you haven’t heard about #chatbots #chatbot then consider yourself lucky to have found this page because you are about to learn about them.  They will soon be everywhere and are actually very helpful for answering a majority of questions.  The problem I want to resolve is the baseline, in that there needs to be…


Create a Bot using an Azure App Service Bot Service

I am so excited about Bots (#Bot) that I can barely control myself.  My hands are literally shaking as I write this post.  I wrote this post a few months ago that discuses how I got started using the Bot Framework (#BotFramework) with LUIS, it was a little complicated but now with the built in…


Capture and Analyze Brain Waves using Azure

I wrote this article for the November 2016 MSDN Magazine, it is part one of a two part series.  Part two is coming next month, December 2016. Part one of the article covers: The configuration of Emotiv SDK The configuration of the Azure IoT Hub Part two of the article covers the remaining topics: Creating…


Lab 21: Debugging a W3WP process with high memory consumption

Setup: Install Debugging Tools for Windows – for WinDbg Install and configure CSharpGuitarBugs on an IIS server as described in Lab 1 Place PROCDUMP executable on the IIS Server Review memory dump collection process for W2K8 here and W2K12 here. Lab 21.1 1. Open the main page of the CSharpGuitarBugs website so that a W3WP…


Port limit for an Azure App Service

Ever wondered how to check the number of open connections on a App Service Web App or Mobile App?  Have you ever received this error while running your App Service? System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: “A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host…


Moving an Azure App Service

I like keeping my things in order, so over time as my Azure consumption grows, I begin to recognize and learn that maybe I should have put all the related resources into the same resource group.  Here is an example of how I moved an App Service Web app from one resource group to another….


Memory metrics for an Azure Web App and App Service Plan

Did you ever wonder why memory utilization for a Web App is different than the memory utilization of the App Service Plan, as shown in Figure 1? The App Service Plan in thei example is a SMALL BASIC mode machine. Average memory is 50.68MB which is about ~2.8% of the 1.75GB available for a SMALL…


Create a memory dump of your App Service when it consumes too much memory

I have written a number of troubleshooting labs here, one of which is Lab 21: WinDbg – Memory Consumption.  In this article I will identify how to capture a memory dump of a process that is consuming too much memory.  In this case it is running on an Azure App Service Web App. NOTE: This…


IIS Debugging Labs – Information and setup instructions

This is a scenarios of debugging demos focused on helping you get some hands on experience in debugging the most common type of IIS issues. For example, hang/performance, crash and memory issues. Installation These labs are focused IIS 8.5, but can be run on the following versions of IIS IIS Version Operating System IIS 10…


Lab 22: Deploy and create a custom Module and Handler

This is a important concept to know and it really isn’t an intuitive one, you need to get into the guts of IIS or configure some 3rd party web based application to ever see or configure modules and handlers in IIS.  When you install ASP.NET for example, the handler is installed and configured by default….