Yes, I am still here

Since the work on Microsoft Max wound down, I have been working on things that I cannot discuss. Sorry, that is how it goes sometimes. I have been working a lot with D3D10 lately, so I will endeavor to get more tips about it out as I find them.


Bye bye to Microsoft Max

As we can see now on the home page, the Max project has ended. It was a real blast, and I had the opportunity to learn a lot about Avalon (now WPF) and to create a really cool product. As the project closed, I decided to make a move in the company to where I…


Running a blog is hard

I finally found the settings in my blog that allow me to keep track of comments. For some reason, I thought that it was set to notify me when I got comments and it was not. While I was there I found the old comments that I neglected to moderate and pushed them out. Sorry…

Spring Blog cleaning

Whatever tiny readership I have has probably noticed that I have tried to clean up the blog a bit, fix up some links and post some new content. I even picked a spiffy new blog template. Hopefully the momentum can be kept up this time. My post count is woeful, and I always procrastinate writing…