The DirectX blog has gone live

The new DirectX blog just went live: From now on, this is where I will be posting about the work I do on my current team with Direct2D. Anybody who is interested in Direct2D or any other DirectX features should subscribe to this blog to hear from the team about what they are doing.


A debug device really does need the debug layer

D3D10_CREATE_DEVICE_DEBUG is a really handy thing to use: Watch your debug output with this turned on and you will get a lot of helpful stuff. Try rendering without a viewport, for example. One thing to watch out for though – this will only work on a machine with the SDK installed. The D3D10CreateDevice call…

Tricks with D3DX10GetImageInfoFromResource

I am playing with D3D10 tonight, and I am trying to get D3DX10GetImageInfoFromResource to work for me. I have beaten on it for a long time, and it still resists my powers. On a whim I write some code to call FindResource myself to make sure that I can find the resource and it works,…


2B0ST0N6 day one

This is the first of my posts describing my experiences at SIGGRAPH 2006. I will try to have a post every day summarizing what I see. Everything here is my personal opinion. The first day of the conference is a little more low key than the other days, by the look of things. The exhibition…


A break from our regular programming

Have you ever tried to use UpdateTexture in D3D to push a texture from system memory to video memory? Maybe I am a bit dense, but my first interpretation of this page: Gave me the impression that the *destination* texture should be dirty for this to work. But the *source* is the one that…