IScrollInfo tutorial part IV

After our last installment, which was written many moons ago (literally), the only remaining thing left to do (apart from clean up the code a bit) was to implement the IScrollInfo.MakeVisible method. Somebody has requested that I address this, so I am going to attempt to fulfill that. The idea of MakeVisible is that it…


Bye bye to Microsoft Max

As we can see now on the home page, the Max project has ended. It was a real blast, and I had the opportunity to learn a lot about Avalon (now WPF) and to create a really cool product. As the project closed, I decided to make a move in the company to where I…


2B0ST0N6 day five

Note: This is *really* late in being posted, but I had work to catch up on when I got back 🙂 The last day of SIGGRAPH 2006. I divided my time between papers and sketches, so there was a lot to push into my already overloaded and sleep deprived brain at this stage. But I…


2B0ST0N6 day four

The first thing that I saw on day four was the paper “Photo Tourism: Exploring Photo Collections in 3D”. It demonstrated a system for taking a collection of images that were taken in a similar area (such as in a town square), extracting features common across the photos, and using those features to estimate the…


2B0ST0N6 day three

Today I tried to get an early start on the day by avoiding the infamous Boston Big Dig inspired traffic and walking to the convention center. It was a great route that took me past the Boston Common and through Chinatown, and past a very Bostonian train station (South Station). I don’t know if the…


2B0ST0N6 day two

The second day was very different to the first, with some papers being presented, a trip through the art gallery and the animation theatre at night. Due to some traffic snarling, I missed the first couple of papers in the morning (a situation that I rectified the next day by walking past the Boston Common…


2B0ST0N6 day one

This is the first of my posts describing my experiences at SIGGRAPH 2006. I will try to have a post every day summarizing what I see. Everything here is my personal opinion. The first day of the conference is a little more low key than the other days, by the look of things. The exhibition…


Changing Panels and DataTemplates with ItemsControls in WPF/Avalon

I have posted before about the philosophy behind the ItemsControl, and now I will pull together some concepts from previous posts. I will use the RadialPanel and some ValueConverter magic to show how we can take a ListBox (the most famous of the ItemsControl family) and have it: Respond to changes to a data collection….


More advanced attached property use: the Ramora pattern

I like to think of the technique I am about to demonstrate as the Ramora pattern – it allows you to attach a chunk of logic to any existing element that you have. The RadialPanel example showed an example of storing information on an element using attached properties. In that example, we did not need…


Running a blog is hard

I finally found the settings in my blog that allow me to keep track of comments. For some reason, I thought that it was set to notify me when I got comments and it was not. While I was there I found the old comments that I neglected to moderate and pushed them out. Sorry…