A debug device really does need the debug layer

D3D10_CREATE_DEVICE_DEBUG is a really handy thing to use: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb204909.aspx Watch your debug output with this turned on and you will get a lot of helpful stuff. Try rendering without a viewport, for example. One thing to watch out for though – this will only work on a machine with the SDK installed. The D3D10CreateDevice call…

Yes, I am still here

Since the work on Microsoft Max wound down, I have been working on things that I cannot discuss. Sorry, that is how it goes sometimes. I have been working a lot with D3D10 lately, so I will endeavor to get more tips about it out as I find them.


Tricks with D3DX10GetImageInfoFromResource

I am playing with D3D10 tonight, and I am trying to get D3DX10GetImageInfoFromResource to work for me. I have beaten on it for a long time, and it still resists my powers. On a whim I write some code to call FindResource myself to make sure that I can find the resource and it works,…


Cool trick with Dependency Properties

One of the cool things about dependency properties is that they allow other things to be dependent on them and notified of changes to them (hence their name). However, one thing that people will sometimes stumble upon is that they want to know about a change to a particular property value but WPF does not…