PDC Videos

Here are some videos of the PDC sessions related to my project. The first one, specifically, is devoted to my immediate team’s work. SQL Server Modeling (nee “Oslo”) Microsoft Project Code Name “M”: The Data and Modeling Language Building Data-Driven Applications Using Microsoft Project Code Name "Quadrant" and Microsoft Project Code Name "M" SQL Server…

SQL Server Modeling November 09 CTP

The latest CTP from my team is now public on the web! Here are a few of the “M” language updates you’ll find in these bits: The ability to reference labeled entity instances in expressions and across compilation episodes. Entities and collections now support equality evaluations. One-to-many relationships no longer create a separate join table….

MSDN Data DevCenter

Members of my group have been hard at work getting a new MSDN Data DevCenter up and running at http://msdn.com/data. This is a merger of a few other DevCenters to provide a unified look at developing with Microsoft’s data platform. Keep your eyes open for mentions of the “M” Language and SQL Server Modeling (formerly…

Logs Named By Current DateTime

I have a scheduled task and I’d like to save logs from the output. After some quick batch file work, I came up with this. @echo off setlocal for /f "tokens=2" %%A in (‘date /t’) DO @(set MyDate=%%A) set MyDate=%MyDate:/=-% set MyTime=%TIME::=-% set MyTime=%MyTime:.=-% set MyFilename=%MyDate%_%MyTime%.log echo Writing output to %MyFilename% mytask.exe > %MyFilename% endlocal…


Taskbar Pinned Shortcuts Location

Ever wondered where those pinned shortcuts are stored in Win7? %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar


Restrict Your RAM

I recently had a stress test bug assigned to me that I couldn’t repro on my machine with 6GB of memory. I could have opened the box and physically pulled out a couple sticks, but what fun is that? You can actually restrict the amount of RAM right from Windows. start > run > msconfig…

Oslo May 2009 CTP Available

The May 2009 “Oslo” CTP is available on the Oslo Developer Center! Shawn Wildermuth has done a nice job of summarizing the changes to the M language since the January CTP. Also check out Jeff Pinkston’s (aka “Pinky”) blog for some existing posts on the changes and more posts on the way. In addition to…


Check Binary Signing

I’ve recently been doing a lot of work around signed and unsigned assemblies. Someone passed along this great command to me which will recursively check whether or not each assembly at and below the current directory is signed. for /r %i in (*.exe *.dll) do @sn.exe /q /vf "%i"

Why Oslo Is Important

This article by Dan Vanderboom is one of the best pieces of writing I’ve seen to explain why Oslo is important. Here are a few quotes, but you should take the time to read the whole thing. Oslo respects this need for choice by offering support for building both visual and textual DSLs, and recognizes…