Compressing Primes

A recent program contest at work challenged us to find as many Pythagorean triples as we could that contained at minimum of one prime. We had about a month to work on it. The first question was whether to write up a quick brute force attempt or to take some time to come up with…


Oslo on .NET Rocks

Chris Sells is a PM on our team and spent quite a while talking to Carl Franklin on episode #401 of .NET Rocks. It’s a great simple (geeky) English explanation of what we’re doing.


Hard Drive Penalties

In an introductory programming class, I had a professor who explained CPU cache as sitting in a library and having the book in front of you. RAM was like going to a bookshelf. And hitting the hard drive was like ordering it from a store and waiting for it to come. While those numbers aren’t…


"Oslo" Web Links

Microsoft “Oslo” Resources “Oslo” Developer Center Download the “Oslo” SDK Ask a Question About “Oslo” Report an Oslo Bug A Lap Around “Oslo” (PDC video) “Oslo” – The Language (PDC video) “Oslo”: Customizing and Extending the Visual Design Experience (PDC video) Building Textual DSLs with the “Oslo” Modeling Language (PDC video) “Oslo”: Repository & Models…


Models Remixed



Microsoft "Oslo" Web Page

Now that PDC is in full swing, the Oslo Developer Center has been published. It contains a lot of great information about the whole Oslo platform – the Repository, the M modeling language, and Quadrant. Quadrant is the specific piece that I work on so I’ve spent most of my time reading through the info…


Programmatically Changing Your IP Address

A friend needs to change back and forth between a DHCP network and a static IP network. Rather than teach her how to go in and configure the settings manually, I wanted to write her a program that would automate everything. I found the registry settings that control everything, but after changing them, you need…


Oslo Elevator Pitch

One of the big challenges for me has always been coming up with a short and sweet elevator pitch for our offering, but recently Don Box and Doug Purdy have done just that on their respective blogs. Life is getting exciting around here as we prepare to show the world what we’ve been…


Interview with Ivo Manolov, WPF Test Manager

Michael Hunter and I headed over to building 40 this week to interview Ivo Manolov, the test manager for Windows Presentation Foundation. Ivo has some great insight on what it takes to be a great tester. We’re trying out these videos on Channel9 instead of just on MSDN Tester Center. Feel free to leave a…


Oslo at PDC 2008

Are you going to PDC this year? Be sure to stop by some of the Connected Systems Division talks to hear about the project I work on. There are plenty of people more qualified than me to give the talks, and that’s just fine with me. I’ll be hard at work back here in Redmond…