Could Not Find Backup Devices

That's the error I was presented with on my clean install of Vista today. I had everything set up nicely and wanted to create a backup image but I kept getting that error with error number 0x80070001. After a quick Live Search, I turned up an answer that solved my problem in a jiffy.

Read through the thread and you'll find a post by JillZ towards the bottom. Please note that this is completely unsupported. Proceed at your own risk.

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  1. s.hellewell says:

    What gets me about Vista’s backup utility is that they made it so I can no longer select what I want to backup.  Sure, I can tell it to backup document, or backup music, but when I want to backup my Document/Visual Studio 2005/Projects/MyProject folder, I can’t pick it.  And maybe I don’t want to backup all my music, but what about the MP3 that is in my latest project.  I want it backed up but not the 100s of MB or GB that I have.

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