libusb + Zune = Trouble

Today I started getting errors when I was connecting my Zune. After being connected for a minute or two, the Zune would show up with a yellow error icon in the Device Manager. The same thing happened when I first picked it up, but I was due for a reformat anyway and that solved the problem.

I was really confused when it started happening again this afternoon because it had been working just fine yesterday. It turns out that I had installed libusb today and apparently that doesn't play nicely with Zune. Since I uninstalled libusb, everything has been working fine.

Luckily that isn't software that I need very often, so I can just install/uninstall for the few occasions that I need it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!, I read on another forum somewhere else that libusb can fix the Zune if there are any problems… So i did this, having software ver 1.0 I’m thinking that the zune software 2.0 and up work well with libusb, but before 2.0, ver 1.X, libusb wont work with this zune software.

    Just an observation. and thank you for letting me know that libusb messed this up!

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