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I'm a big Live Local fan. Google Maps was the first one to the table with AJAX maps, but they have remained stagnant since introduction. Meanwhile Live has been continuously stepping up their game with new features.

One of my favorite features is the Birds Eye view were you get actual photos from four angles and two zoom levels. It's quite useful when you are driving to a new area. By the time you actually arrive the target building is recognizable and it saves those last minute wrong turns or helps to find the best parking area. The Birds Eye selection has been updated with tons of new cities. Check to see if your hometown is covered:!25...

The new Birds Eye pictures are just one of the new additions in the latest version of Live Local. Head over to the team blog for a complete list.

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  1. MrSmersh says:

    Close but no cigar.  

    For fun, I have tried to do the same stuff with all the map mashups (I know of).

    Alphabetically listed they are Google Maps, Live Local, Map Quest and Yahoo.  Here in Romania coverage is symbolic (no bird’s eye and geocoding).

    Clearly the contenders from a technical point (and feature) of view are Google and Live. This regardless of the map and coverage quality.

    However, when in Live I switch from hybrid (Aerial) to Road the map is moved a bit (about 1 mile)…

    So yes the features are nice but take (greater) care of quality, also the interactive designer could be more evolved When I do modify something, there I could be nice that I see that in the generated code.

    In rest is from OK to super, keep on the good work!

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