The Calendar Printing Assistant for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is the first external product to come out of my group. There are some nice writeups finally hitting the web:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ben,

    Nice work on CPAO, very tidy piece of work. One question: I need a 24 hour day  calendar or probably 2 x overlapping 13 or 14 hour day calendars to help schedule shift work. But I only seem to be a able to get an 8 til 5 calendar.

    Am I missing something in the UI or is this a limitation.

    I see in the embedded XML of a calx file the StartHour and EndHour attributes, how would I / could I edit these, as the files seem to have binary content as well which precludes using notepad :).

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Cheers Simon

  2. Ben Martens says:

    Thanks Simon. I can’t take any credit since I joined the team as work was finishing up, but I did talk to some of the main people on the project to get you an answer. Please note that this is not a supported scenario and we don’t advertise or encourage this type of thing.

    "The calx files (and catx files that define the templates that get embedded when you add views to calx files) are actually zip containers and if you extract the underlying files you can in fact edit the xml contents in notepad (carefully) and then zip them back up again to make changes beyond the customization offered by the UI.  Note file-level customizations, although possible, are not a supported scenario in this version and most of our testing was done with the included set of templates."

    "In this particular case, the customer can simply modify the Start and End Hour attributes for both the TimeScale and TimeSlot in the template markup to cover the duration as he wants but the timeslot would be useless if it is cramped up with 24 hours in one page.  He can make it a 2-page template (with 12 hours timeslot each) by just duplicating the first page and remove the duplicate banner calendars on the second page as he likes."

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re a Legend! Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me. Unzips nicely. I will give it a whirl in the coming week. You have potentially changed CPOA from a teasingly close but unworkable solution to one with real application for me :).

  4. Anonymous says:

    How would one remove the Background (day of the week) numbers or make them smaller or align them differently?  I have an employee that is color blind and everything blends together.  We want to remove the overlay or move the day of the month (1-28) so that there is no color blending for him.

  5. Ben Martens says:

    ChrisK –

    As I mentioned in the answer to the last question, updating the templates is not a supported scenario so please proceed at your own risk (and make backups!)

    The catx template files are really just zip files so unzip the template that you’re looking to change and open calcontent.xml in notepad. There should be a DayFormat tag which will be what you want to change.

    As a sample, I opened the Month_MonthOverview template. Underneath the DayFormat tag, I added HorizontalAlignment="Right" to the CalendarText tag and changed the FontSize attribute to 18pt. Then there are a number of brushes defined with Tint attributes. I set them all to "0" (0 is opaque, 1 is transparent.) These changes made the number smaller, put it in the top right corner of the box, and made them completely black.

    After saving the changes, I recreated the zip file and overwrote the existing Month_MonthOverview.catx file. I restarted CPAO and was able to see the changes.

    It’s a long trial and error solution to modifying the templates, but hopefully it’s enough to get you going. Please remember to make a backup of all the catx files before modifying them so you can get back to a good state if needed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Where are the *.catx files located? I cannot seem to find them anywhere. I have looked through the application data directories, but the CPAO/templates directory is empty. Even a file name search for Month_MonthOverview.catx turned up empty.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’d be great if I could get ANY of these to display appointment details anywhere on the page.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve posted on Microsoft’s site but also thought you might be able to provide some insight.  CPAO is a very nice product, but is causing me a bit of frustration.  When connected to Exchange, CPAO is importing shared calendar appointments twice (note just single appointments, recurring appointments are only importing once).  This causes a big annoyance as the majority of appointments are being listed twice right next to eachother.

    I’ve take a lot of time to work with the .catx templates and it definitely appears to be the way that CPAO imports the data and not to do with the templates.

    Like I said, I’ve posted the issue to Microsoft but was hoping you could possibly provide some insight.



  9. Anonymous says:


     I am using CPAO at the office and at home, ran into a snag today and cant find a solution.  Thought you might be able to poitn me int he right direction.  When I open CPAO there are no templates, they were there last month when I ran my calendars for the office.  I even tried a reinstall.  I can find the files but CPAO is not display them.  I even went as far as rolling bank the machine but still no luck.  Any ideas?


  10. Robert Douglas says:

    I have looked through the catx files, and have located the code I would need to chnage in order to satisfy a customer, who was happy with the printing that occured in Outlook 2000.  They are now on Outlook 2007 and very unhappy with the format of the CPAO templates.  I have modifed the catx in notepad, and then loaded it back in, and I keep getting corruption errors.  Even when I just make a simple change to say font size.  I am thinking it is due to the zip and unzip step you mention above.  How exactly are you performing this zip/unzip step?  What application are you using for it?

  11. Ben Martens says:

    We are currently using Info-ZIP v2.31 in our development process.

  12. Robert Douglas says:

    Thanks Ben

    That product worked for us.  


  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ben,

    CPAO is a cool product indeed, but I need to achieve a kind of customization that I can’t find anywhere.

    What I want is to display each appointment with a background box of some color (ideally, this color should be the same as the one in the Category assigned to the appointment when it was created in Outlook 2007).

    I’ve succesfully modified a monthly template (called Standard Month with Weeks 01) that displays each day appointments using the "CompactList" tag, and I also saw another one (called Month Overview) which displays hourly slots for each day and displays each appointment using the "TimeSlot" and "Appointment" tags, using "Bar" and "ConditionalFormat" to display the colored bars.

    Could it be possible to combine them in such a manner that it still displays each Appointment with its text (like when using CompactList) but surrounded with a color bar which shows the color associated to the item category?

    Something like this:

    <TimeSlot Orientation="Fill" StartHour="8" EndHour="17" MinorUnit="30" MajorLineThickness=".5" MinorLineThickness="0" Style="LevelLeafBody">

     <Appointment Style="SingleAppointment">

       <Bar Orientation="Left" Width="1000">

         <ConditionalFormat Condition="????????" Visibility="Visible" Style="????????" />




    …but with the appointment text, without the hourly slots and the color bar depending of the item category?

    Is this possible?

    Additionally, where can I find the XML schema? ( cannot be found)

    Thanks a million for the great work,

    Ignacio Renuncio.-

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi again,

    I’ve seen what I think it’s a bug in CPAO, related to lost appointments.

    Specifically, I’m not able to see some of the weekly recurring appointments that were created in april. They are displayed in CPAO until june 16th, and after that date they simply don’t appear. The same items are shown in Outlook.

    Did you know about this bug? Was it fixed in SP1? How?

    Thanks in advance,

    Ignacio Renuncio.-

  15. Anonymous says:

    If you are seeing the missing appointments in shared calendar folder only then it is a known bug we are working on and being escalated for a hotfix release

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening, the lost appointments are in a personal calendar that is shared through Outlook Delegates.

    But it seems that the owner does not suffer this bug when he opens his own calendar. However, when their workmates open it, the lose some recurring appointments.

    Do you know of a way to circumvent this? Perhaps deleting and creating those appointments again? Modifying them? Could you please explain me the exact reason of the bug (I’m a programmer)? If I understand WHAT is happening and WHY it’s happening, I could find a way of circumvent or minimize the bug effects.

    And PLEASE!!!!! I desperately need information about the CALX format, or the XML schema. I’m changing things by hand, using trial-and-error, but don’t know which elements and atributes are allowed (and where). This way, each change is a real pain. Is there any information available??

    Yours faithfully,

    Ignacio Renuncio.-

  17. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately the bug is really in our MAPI codes when looking up the shared calendar items we only request for the current day range and as a result if the recurring item start date is not in the range we are not getting the instances outside the range.  We already have the fix and is working on release it as hotfixes.  The schema is not part of the CALX and I understand your pain to do the hand code without knowing the supported element and attributes.  I’ll check with my group to see what we can do.  Can you tell what exactly you want to change in the template?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I need that hotfix, when will it be available? Two or three weeks? More?

    I’ve changed a lot of small details in the template (standard month 01):

    • I removed the background day numbers
    • I removed the footer line

    • I changed the print date to the header

    • I changed the header size

    • I changed the number of weeks shown to 2

    • I put a weekly header

    • I changed the margins

    But what I need to change now is the core appointment visualization tag, <CompactList />.

    I have to expand or change the CompactList and be able to choose which fields to display and how, or change the CompactList with another structure that lets me display the fields I want, the way I want.

    I found something similar in other templates:

    <Content …>

    <ContentElement Source="Subject" FontWeight="Bold" />

    <ContentElement Source="Location" />

    <ContentElement Source="Organizer" />

    <ContentElement Source="CategorySymbols" />


    Or like this one:

    <List …>


     <Column Width=".18in" Left="2" Top="3" Right="2" Bottom="2" Style="AccentFill">


       <Source Name="CalendarIcon" />



     <Column Width=".2in" RightBorderStrokeThickness="1" RightBorderStroke="style!SingleLineStroke" Left="2" Top="3" Right="2" Bottom="2" Style="AccentFill">


       <Source Name="Complete" />



     <Column Width="Auto" ShowDuplicates="True" Left="2" Top="2" Right="2" Bottom="2">


       <Source Name="StartTime" Format="t" />

       <Source Name="EndTime" Format="t" StartSeparator=" – " />



     <Column Width="*" Left="4" Top="2" Right="2" Bottom="2">


       <Source Name="Subject" />

       <Source Name="Due" StartSeparator=" (" EndSeparator=")" Format="d" />

       <Source Name="Location" StartSeparator=" (" EndSeparator=")" />

       <Source Name="CategorySymbols" StartSeparator=" " />

       <Source Name="Categories" StartSeparator=" " />




    But I haven’t found a way of inserting any of these snippets without errors.

    What I have to display (instead of the CompactList) is:

    • CategorySymbols
  19. StartTime

  20. EndTime (only if it’s different from the start time)

  21. Subject

  22. And to be able to control the space before and after each entry.

    Could you please tell me how to achieve this?

    Yours faithfully,

    Ignacio Renuncio.-

  • Anonymous says:

    The Hotfixes testing and customer verification have been completed. We are in the Office release process and hopefully it won’t be long. The elements you specified can be changed but I want to visualize what is the expected result would be.  My email address is and if you can send me the detail and I’ll try to modify the template for you.

  • Anonymous says:


    I downloaded the Outlook Printing assistant so solve a particular problem with Outlook printing, namely this:

    When printing from the Calendar and selecting "Three-fold Style", one can opt for printing the ToDo-bar in one of the panes. This would be perfect if it wasn’t for the ToDo-bar getting truncated. Only about a third of my taks fit in a column and the style doesn’t add any pages to make room for the remaining ones. If one opts for using two panes for the ToDo-bar, the same view is duplicated in both.

    I was hoping the Assistant could help me with this, but I don’t find any templates where the ToDo bar is included. Do you have any ideas on how to sort this out?

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Martin, thank you for using CPAO.  I assume the template you meant was the Tri-Fold Day Template and the "ToDoBar" was for the Tasks items.  Many templates do include the Tasks list and I believe the "Long Day" template has the longest space for the Tasks items to show.  Have you tried that?  If none of the existing templates fits your need then you might need to custom the template layout by modfiying the CATX file but that requires some understanding of how to unzip and zip back the metro files after the change.

  • Anonymous says:

    My printed output gets truncated on the right margin.  For example, the last day (Saturday) column in the mini calendar in the header is missing (as well as any text in the calendar proper within the same area)

    Any ideas how to adjust?  Thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thee following error message appears on attempted printing from CPAO:

    Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup.  Try one or more of the following.

    *Check the printer by printing a test page from Windows.

    *Make sure the printer is turned on and online.

    *Reinstall the printer driver.

    This occurs in Remote Desktop sessions, where the printer is a redirected one.  The printer is on and online.  The document that generated the error message is shown in the printer cue with a status of Spooling.  Despite this, a printer test page can be printed.

    This happens unpredictably, but when after it does, the only way I have found to cure it is to delete that user’s profile and for the user to logon again, which creates a new profile.

    Any ideas on what the root cause is, and how to correct for it short of deleting the user profile?  Thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am getting the same printing error in Citrix. Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there some documentation available for the schemas?

  • Anonymous says:

    Is the hotfix for missing reoccuring appointments out yet?

  • Anonymous says:

    Is CPAO a forgotten product at this point? Lack of print customization in Outlook prompted the CPAO but it’s only left customers with slightly less choices of how to print.

    CPAO’s got much potential but without allowing theme/style editing this is really just a waste of time. Reluctance to even let anyone see the schema 2 years after it hit the scene is puzzling.

    I’m almost at the point where I’m going to just let my boss know it’s time to go back to Office 2003 until whatever is going to replace Office 2007 comes around in the hopes that this is finally addressed.


    SGT Banford, Samuel

    Multi National Forces – Iraq

    Command Group

  • Anonymous says:

    Has anyone figured out how to manually drop the end times from displaying?  Turning them on and off in the application settings makes no difference.  Is there a conditional formatting that can be used for this?

  • Anonymous says:

    Quote: "Has anyone figured out how to manually drop the end times from displaying?  Turning them on and off in the application settings makes no difference.  Is there a conditional formatting that can be used for this?"

    Hi Brian,

    CPAO built the logic to make the "Drop end times…" Application Settings to take effect only when needed. If the line is long enough to show everything it won’t take out the end time even though you turn if on.  You can see the difference if you use a template with tight space such as the Month template.  You can modify the template to drop the end time by default but it requires some knowledge to understand the template schema and language.


  • Daniel Yuen says:


    "Is CPAO a forgotten product at this point? Lack of print customization in Outlook prompted the CPAO but it’s only left customers with slightly less choices of how to print.

    CPAO’s got much potential but without allowing theme/style editing this is really just a waste of time. Reluctance to even let anyone see the schema 2 years after it hit the scene is puzzling."

    Hi Samuel,

    Please escalate your concern through the Office Supports.  Unfortunately Office has decided not to put further investment to CPAO for the next version but if you have any requests please feel free to speak up and we continue to provide the support using the current release.



  • Daniel Yuen says:


    Is the hotfix for missing reoccuring appointments out yet?

    Hi John,

    Yes, the hotfix is out and here is the link:

    Hotfix Server Location               http://hotfix/search.aspx?search=955598

    Package Name     office-kb955598-fullfile-x86-glb.exe



  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have a strange problem when using the Month Overview template. It correctly draws the time boxes for calender events but doesn’t show their titles (I end up with nicely shaded but empty boxes). Events marked as all day events do have their titles shown.

    Any ideas?

    Kind Regards,

  • Anonymous says:

    Solved it!

    The Month Overview template doesn’t show event titles. A quick edit of the template to include the following within the <Appointment> tag and a change to the <Bar> width to "5" solved the problem:

    <Content Orientation="Fill" Margin="2,0,2,0" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Separator="116" SeparatorFontFamily="WingDings" FontSize="8pt" TextWrapping="NoWrap">

    <ContentElement Source="Subject" FontWeight="Bold"/>



  • Anonymous says:

    Tried the hotfix for the missing appointments thing. Now there is a problem where my additional calendar does not show up in the list, it does however still show up in Outlook. Got any ideas?



  • Anonymous says:


    I am modifying the templates in the calx file and I am stumped on an issue.  

    My goal is to have a week view with the days listed as Mon-Wed in the first column and Thurs-Sun in the second AND have all day events listed without their start/end time at the top of the day.

    We have successfully got the days to list in the columns newspaper style by setting up separate WeekDayCalendar sections for each column.  But when I try to configure the all day events, I have problems.  When I add a definition for AllDayAppointment with a SpanningDayPlaceHolder, it works fine for Mon-Wed.  It does not work for Thurs-Sun.  On those days, I get odd behavior.  Thursday and Friday still list the times by the all day event.  Sunday lists the all day events twice.  

    Any suggestions?

    I would be happy to share the calx file.  



  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Laura,

    If you can share out the catx file maybe I can help.



  • Anonymous says:

    I read a lot of nice things about CPAO, but were able to use it yet still!!!  After downloading it, I got this error message when I tried to open it.

    "Cannot connect to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Please restart Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Calendar Printing Assistant. Original Microsoft

    Office Outlook 2007 error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

    Any idea how to fix?

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Irene for using our product.  There are several common cases CPAO cannot access to the Outlook data.

    1. Multiple Outlook instances are running.  Please check your Tasks Manager to see if this is the case.  End all the Outlook processes and restart Outlook first, then CPAO can usually fix the problem
    2. If you have multiple Outlook profiles and start CPAO without Outlook client running then the Outlook "Choose Profile" dialog is on the background and sometimes user doesn’t aware of that and this error message will just come up after timing out.

    3.  Your exchange server is down or extremely slow.

    4.  You have stale CPAO Addin dlls being registered.  If this is your first time install most likely it is not the case.  However, please run "Repair" of CPAO through the Control Panel Add/Remove Program sometimes can help.

    Please check the above and let me know.  Hope this help.


  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for responding.

    #1. I tried to launch with only one Outlook 2007 opened as well as Outlook being closed, both gave me the same message.

    #2. I only have one Outlook profile and I never got a "Choose Profile" dialog.

    #3. Uh…  I’m feeling kind of stupid.  Do I have to use Exchange Server to use CPAO?

    #4. Being not very tech savvy, I don’t really know what Addin dlls is, but I did restarted Outlook and CPAO, run diagnostics and repair, installed Vista SP1, reinstalled CPAO, but I am still getting the same error message.

    What does "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." mean because that’s part of the error message I’m getting.  I’m hoping that if I have that solved,then CPAO will connect to Outlook.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for trying Irene.

    1. Sometimes Outlook instance is still running even though you have closed the client.  If you have rebooted your machine and still seeing the problem then it is not this case.
    2. Don’t worry, Exchange is a mail server that Outlook connects to.  If you have no problem sending and receiving email then this is not the case either.

    3. Another simple way to check please go to "Tools" menu and click on "Trust Center" while you are in the Outlook Calendar folder and click on "Add-ins" and see if "Calendar Printing Assistant" is being list as "Active", "Inactive" or "Disabled".  We’ll work on the next step depends on it’s state.



  • Anonymous says:

    Aha! Calendar Printing Assistant is not even on the "Add-ins" list.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s very interesting.  I assume your CPAO was downloaded from here:

    Please try the following:

    1. Shut down Outlook client.  Make sure this is no Outlook.exe running, then uninstall the current copy of CPAO you have.
    2. Restart your PC (usually not required but just to be safe)

    3. Install the original CPAO (not the SP1) from the download site I mentioned above.  Please make sure Outlook is not running.

    4. Start your Outlook client then wait until it has connected to your mail server properly (again, just for safety sake)

    5. Start CPAO now.

    Let me know.



  • Anonymous says:


    1. I shut down Outlook, then I opened Task Manager and made sure Outlook is not running. I uninstalled CPAO.
    2. I restarted my C.

    3. I installed CPAO and not SP1 from the link you provided directly (by the way, that’s where I downloaded the one I uninstalled) and I opened Task Manager to make sure Outlook is not running before I install CPAO.

    4. I started Outlook and sent myself a test email.

    5. I started CPAO and I got the same error message.

    I looked in the Trust Center and Calendar Printing Assistant is not on the Add-Ins available list.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm… can you try this as well?

    1. Run the registry editor "regedit"
    2. Check if you have this entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOfficeOutlookAddinsCPAOOutlookAddin.Connect

    3.  If yes, please check the value data for LoadBehavior is "3" or not.



  • Irene Alameida says:

    No. I don’t have CPAOOutlookAddin.Connect.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sorry Irene for the late reply.  Please try this:

    1.  Go to your program files -> Microsoft Office -> Office12 folder and check if you have the CPAO dlls there.  If there is a cpaoaddin.dll then do step 2
    2. Make sure Outlook and CPAO are not running, then

    run a CMD window as administrator and type: regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%Microsoft OfficeOffice12cpaoaddin.dll"

    1. Restart Outlook and CPAO

    Let me know.


  • Irene Alameida says:

    It’s working now. This is so exciting. Thank you so much.  

  • Irene Alameida says:

    Okay, I was all excited when I got CPAO working following your instructions.  I even printed out my calendar, then I shut down to go pick up my daughter from school. When I started up my computer and open Outlook and CPAO, it’s not working anymore and the error message came back.  CPAO addin is not listed in the Trust Center.  I thought no big deal, I’ll just redo what I did.  But the 3 steps didn’t work anymore.  I tried a few times after I restarted the computer and it still wouldn’t work.  I thought I somehow screwed something up, so I restored my computer back to last Friday and did the 3 steps and CPAO worked, but once I shut down and restart the computer, CPAO doesn’t work anymore and the 3 steps don’t work either.  I hope I’m making sense…

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Irene.  I thought launching CPAO would update the addin entry after the manual registration.  Restart the machine would definitely kill the manual registration but I assume it should be working again once you run regsvr32 command again.  I’m really interested to understand why your CPAO install would pass even the addin registration failed.  May I know what SKU of Office 2007 you are using?  Professional, enterprise?  Have you registered your licence of Office?  We do apply the OGA (Office Geniune Advantage) checking for running the product.  You would not be able to connect Outlook if your Office has not been registered.


  • Irene Alameida says:

    I have the Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 upgraded version.  I purchased a HP desktop in June that came preloaded with Vista.  Since I had Office 2000 before, I purchased the upgrade.  I had trouble installing it originally because Microsoft Works was also preloaded on the computer and there was a conflict.  Anyway, after 2 days and 2 different Microsoft techs, I finally got it working.  It seems that I’m having trouble with Adobe Flash Player (have to install/upgrade it every time) and some other programs.  It seems to be always a registry problem of some sort.  

  • Anonymous says:

    CPAO supports all versions of Office 2007 as long as they have the OGA coverage.  I’m sorry if there was some workarounds applied during your Office 2007 installation causing the OGA validation failed silently during the CPAO setup.

    Suggestion:  can you click on the "Validate Office" button on this page and see what you get?



  • Anonymous says:

    I did and it said Validation Successful.  

  • Anonymous says:

    Good.  Can you try to uninstall and reinstall CPAO again.  I hope this validation process did some magic update to the OGA value that CPAO looks for.  If not, then I’ll look for another approach.


  • Anonymous says:

    Thee following error message appears on attempted printing from CPAO:

    Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup.  Try one or more of the following.

    *Check the printer by printing a test page from Windows.

    *Make sure the printer is turned on and online.

    *Reinstall the printer driver.

    This only occurs with one printer within our Organization… XEROX PHASER 8560DN

    any advice….

  • Anonymous says:

    I should add to my above post….

    This printer works fine from any other MS Office applications only when printing with CPA and to this particular printer. We currently run MS Office 2007.

    -We’ve tried to update the server printer drivers

    -We’ve tried to remove all locally installed drivers on the desktop and re-map the Network Printer

    -We’ve tried to use the net use command to override server based drivers

    -We’ve tried to re-install the application

    Any help would be appriated!

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi Paul,

    I do remember a few printing bugs in particular happened to Xerox printers and one of it was quite similar to yours saying CPAO failed to print on Xerox Phaser 8400DX PS printer when running in Vista.  The bug was outside the team’s capability to fix and has passed to external to follow up with Xerox. looks like it is a known issue if your model shares the same driver and Xerox didn’t fix it.

    Hope this helps.


  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, Dan

    I uninstalled CPAO as suggested and reinstalled after making sure Outlook is not running.  Then I opened Outlook and checked to see if CPAO addin is listed in the Trust Center, but it’s not, so I closed Outlook.  I then run the regsvr32 command again and got the "DllRegisterServer in C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice1cpaoaddin.dll succeeded" message.  I opened Outlook and then CPAO and I got the same message that CPAO cannot connect to Outlook 2007.


  • Anonymous says:

    Aah… you are running on a 64bit machine?  Program Files (x86)??  The registry hive is different and that could be the root of the problem though I’m sure CPAO can run on WOW64 environment.  I think we need to redirect our investigation a bit.  Can you send email to me at since I want to get some machine data from you for to debug further.


  • Anonymous says:

    Like Sean, I am having problems getting CPAO to print from Citrix.

    It gets to the point of saying printing page 1 of 1 and then I get the rather generic error:

    ‘Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup. Try one or more of the following…’ all of which are spurious.

    I CAN print to the same printer outside of Cirtix from the same PC, I CAN print from Outlook inside of Citrix from the same PC, which leads me to wonder if it is a CPAO issue?

    Has anyone come across this and have a resolution.



  • Anonymous says:

    We are trying to personalize the CPA to display a compact list that has the category symbol as a marker instead of having the same symbol repeat itself for each appointment.

    We managed to print the category symbols in a list, but the elements are too far apart. If we reduce the RowSize, it cuts bottom of the text.

    Better yet, we would like to put the background color on each element of the compact list, just like Ignacio Renuncio wrote on April 2008…

    Has a solution been found? Is there any documentation available?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions you might have.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why doesn’t CPAO display color category symbols for shared calendars?   Is there a way to get the color category symbols to display for shared calendars?


  • Anonymous says:

    CPAO does show the Outlook category color on shared calendar as well. It uses a standardized symbol (circle)for all categories but with different colors that match with Outlook.

  • RichardJT says:


    CPAO looks ok on screen but won’t print to any printers, including direct, network, Image Writer and Adobe. Outlook 2007 does print ok.

    CPAO printing gives message " Windows cannot print due to problem with current printer setup….."

    I have reinstalled both Outlook and CPAO. Have checked add-in in Trust, OK. Have checked that user has Admin rights.

    Would be happy to have any advice. Please can you help?

    Thanks and regards


  • Anonymous says:

    I am trying to edit the Day With Week templateto make the fonts bigger on the week part of the calendar. I have managed to get everything the way I want it except the size of the fonts in the week side.

    The line of code below seems to be the line i need to edit but when I change the size it remains the same at 8pt. I am pretty sure that this is the line as when i add styles to the line it changes the look but nothing I do fixes the size. Can anyone help? I am also trying to get rid of the formatting circles. Took all refrences to the code out but they still remain.  

    <CompactList Orientation="Fill" Padding="2" FontSize="14pt" TypeFilter="AppointmentsTasks"/>

  • Anonymous says:

    There are two <CompactList> tags in the template, the first (which you are editing) is for the daily calendar. The second is for each day in the weekly calendar. Edit the second one to see the effect you want.

    (Much) long explanation:

    You can see this in the content.xml part of the template by looking for <Calendar> tags. There are five in this template. The first three are <MonthWeekDayCalendar>. They define the way the previous, current and next monthly calendars in the banner of the template look. The next is the <DayCalendar>. It controls the Appointments block on the left (assuming you’re looking in English). The <WeekDayCalendar> controls the appearance of Week block on the right. Each calendar has a <Format> tag underneath it for each of the time units that it must display. The <DayCalendar> only displays days, so it just has a <DayFormat> tag. The <MonthWeekDayCalendar>s should have a Month, Week and DayFormat tag. The <WeekDayCalendar> has a <WeekFormat> tag that controls the display for weekly objects and the <DayFormat> tag that controls the display for things pertaining to days.

    You want the formatting information for the day under the weekday calendar, so:




       <DockPanel …>

         <DockPanel …>

           <CompactList … FontSize="14pt" … />

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for providing the instructions to modify an Outlook Calendar Printing Assistant template manually using the content.xml file found in the compressed .catx file.

    I only needed to make the dates smaller in the Monthly view and the tips you provided did the trick.

    By the way, Info-Zip kept crashing when I tried to extract the .catx file so I just used WinRar to update the .catx file with the modified content.xml file. Anyhow it worked like a charm and my boss is once again happy and able to print her calendar view like she wants it.

    Thank you again for taking the time to post this!

  • Anonymous says:

    RichardJT, I have noticed that the Outlook Calendar Printing Assistant always prefers to print to the default printer assigned in control panel. Have you tried changing the default printer in the Windows Control Panel before hitting the print button in the Calendar Printing Assistant?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been using CPAO for a while and suddenly I have no templates anymore.  If I go to C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeTemplates I can see them all listed, but not in the app itself.  I’ve tried repairing, unistalled/reistalled, but no luck.  Any ideas?

  • Anonymous says:

    I am trying to modify the WeekList03 template to

    1. word wrap all day events
    2. drop the end time

    3. display appointment details

    Are there any resources explaining the different styles for calendars? Do you have any suggestions on where to modify the code?

    Thank you for such a great post with great comments. This is the only site that I have found with useful information for CPAO.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Anonymous says:

    My modification request is to change the default 8a-5p day to 6a-6p.  I followed the instuction to unzip & modify the catx templates… saw promising tags labeled STARTHOUR and ENDHOUR… but couldnt get it to work after saving and rezipping.

    My problems include:

    • CPAO doesnt "see" the modified .catx file
    • When I manually drag the .catx file into CPAO I get an error message "This document does not have valid relationships and parts"

    I’m close but not there and would appreciate any assistance.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous says:

    I cannot get this CPAO to print. I get the error message "Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup. Try one of more of the following: * Check the printer by printing a test page from Windows. * Make sure the printer is turned on and online. * Reinstall the printer driver.".

    I have tried my printer Epson R200, connected via TCP/IP (all other programs print OK with it) and also plugged directly into the PC via USB.

    I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit + all patches, with Office 2007 + all patches, with CPAO + all patches (SP2).

    Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it? This is driving me nuts. I am on using CPAO as Outlook 2007 prints the calendar in a small font. She preferred the layout in our previous version of Office – that’s not progress.



  • Anonymous says:

    I have found a workaround – it is not elegant and I don't like it but that's unsupported software (as in Microsoft has not fixed this much talked about problem) for you.

    I can't print to my printer but I CAN print to the "Microsoft XPS document writer" printer. I then open the generated .XPS file in the XPS Viewer and then print to my printer. Told you it is not nice and this is going to really annoy my wife who wants to simply click and print, hey having to use CPAO outside of Outlook is already a pain.

    Hopefully this might help someone


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