Disable the Motorola Q Camera Sound

I searched high and low for an option to disable the camera shutter noise, but as far as I can tell, there isn’t one. After a bit of searching, I pieced together a solution. Please note that this is not a supported method of working on your phone and messing with the registry is a…


Zune + Pioneer Navigation System

Last week I spent some time behind the dashboard of my car hooking up my new Zune to my Pioneer AVIC-D2. Actually it only took about 10 minutes and most of that time was removing and reinstalling the plastic facia of the dashboard. I took some video and sent it around to an internal Zune…


Video Encoding for the Zune

Since I’m working on a 4.5 year old PC at home, I find the automatic Zune video transcoding a bit slow. I was able to figure out some Zune compatible settings for Windows Media Encoder and I’ve tweaked them to run a bit faster (probably at the expense of some quality.) I’m working on an…


Local.Live.Com Update

When Microsoft launched their own online mapping tool, I tried it once and never looked back. As of today, the online mapping service now supports 3D views! This type of 3D functionality previously required you to use that other company’s downloaded software. Now it’s all available online. Fantastic! Read what the Virtual Earth team has to…


Positive Press for CPAO

The Calendar Printing Assistant for Office reviews are starting to hit the press. “In short, printing remains one of Outlook’s weaker areas, but perhaps Microsoft’s development of the Calendar Printing Assistant heralds a new awareness of the existing deficiencies. I’m sure many users and organizations would like to see task, contact, and message printing assistants as…


IE7 Today

IE7 is available for free download today! About five months ago, I made the switch from that other browser to IE7. I’m very impressed with the overall look, feel, performance, and security. Channel9 posted an interview with the Internet Explorer team yesterday. They’re located next door to my office in building 2. So if you’re…


.NET 3.0 – Alphabet Soup

The .NET 3.0 Framework is right around the corner and with it comes WPF, WCF, WWF, and WCS. While there are no updates to the existing 2.0 framework, these four technologies should make life a bit easier for the developer. But first there is some learning to do. This article gives a brief overview of the four…


So You Want a Job at Microsoft

This week I was on campus at Drexel looking for interns and college hires. It was my first time doing recruiting for Microsoft, and overall I was happy with the way the event went. There were a wide variety of students who visited the booth. Some were extremely well prepared and others were less so….


What’s My Motivation?

As a test engineer, it is my job to design and write tests that find every possible bug or defect in the software. My test team is motivated by the drive to ship a quality product. But what about testers who benefit from bugs in their software? For example, my phone bill had an error….


Rory in Redmond

I’d like to take a minute to be one of many people to welcome Rory to Redmond. Channel9 seems to be a perfect fit for him and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with it.