The updated Windows Phone 8 Training Kit is live!

  Overview The Windows Phone 8 Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations and code samples that are designed to help you learn how to build applications using the latest Windows Phone features. System requirements Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 The Windows Phone 8 Training Kit includes… Read more

Windows 8 Super Hackathon – 27 March – 4 locations

Don’t miss this opportunity Join us in Mons, Brussels, Genk or Kortrijk  on March 27th for the 4-locations Super Hackathon. Code, build, eat, drink & win. Experts will be on site to help you with the last phase of building your first Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 application. We’ll be streaming live everywhere to… Read more

TechDays Hands-On Labs – Because there’s always more to learn

    Roll up your sleeves and experience the latest technology for yourself with Hands-On Labs @ TechDays 2013. It’s easy to get started. With no prior experience, you will build and publish your first Windows Phone or Windows 8 app or discover the power of Windows Azure. Developers or IT Pro, don’t miss this great… Read more

Windows Phone 8–Security deep dive

  All you want to know about security on Windows Phone 8 is here. It’s always very tricky to talk about security. It’s a question of point of view about what’s is important and we can never say never. Our challenge is to provide a trusted environment for users, corporate and developer and keep a… Read more

How to upgrade your app from Wp7 to Wp8

  With the release of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft introduced a number of new features for developers to use in their apps. Aside from these new features, there have also been quite a few improvements to the platform such as resolutions and the inclusion of the Panorama, Pivot and LongListSelector controls in the ROM of… Read more

Windows Phone tool box

  Windows Phone SDK /getphone – Phone development extensions for Visual Studio 2010 Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone /azuretoolkit –Cloud services running in Windows Azure Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit /sltoolkit – Additional Controls for WP application development SketchFlow Template for Windows Phone /sketchflow – Creates prototype of a WP app quick and easy… Read more

Windows Phone 8 – Let’s start

This is the  Windows Phone 8 JumpStart training content. The training is a fast-paced, demo-packed and very highly rated learning experience tailored to show developers how to quickly build responsive, appealing and effective apps. All 20 modules are now available online for viewing on demand on Channel 9<. For more detail, refer to the WindowsPhone… Read more

Tips & Tricks to create the "best" Windows Phone App

 You ll find hereafter some advice on how to build a great WindowsPhone App. Windows Phone Developer Blog Windows Phone Dev Center: App certification requirements for Windows Phone – Windows Phone Store Test Kit – MSDN Articles Get Your Windows Phone Applications in the Marketplace Faster –… Read more