Running Powershell Web Jobs on Azure websites

Just last week we announced a series of new features for the Windows Azure platform.  One of those features is Web Jobs support for Windows Azure Web Sites.  Web Jobs enable you to run custom jobs on your web site, either on-demand, scheduled or continuously.  However, some people have already wondered why there is no… Read more

Web Camp Europe: Special Spring Edition on May 3rd in Brussels

  Come to camp on May 3rd in Brussels on a very special edition of Web Camp to learn the latest on web development on the Microsoft Platform! Web Camps are free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers. This European edition is really unique with speakers flying in directly from the Microsoft main offices:… Read more

Web & Phone UX Event: Recordings, slides and content now available

In November we held the Web & Phone UX event in Ter Elst (Edegem), bringing a full day of sessions focusing on Web & Phone (WP7) Design and Development. Sessions included HTML5, Windows Phone Metro Design from thinking to building and refining, JavaScript habits and patterns, Windows Phone Mango development and Responsive Web Design. All… Read more

Increasing your revenue and decreasing costs? Learn how

Why should an independent software vendor (ISV) care about cloud computing? The answer is simple: using the cloud has the potential to increase your revenues and/or decrease your costs. Running code and storing data on computers in large Internet-accessible data centers owned and operated by another organization can offer compelling advantages. Don’t miss this opportunity… Read more

Web Camps Belgium: Hands-on HTML5 and Web Apps announced

Web Camps are back! This time you can register for any of the four confirmed one-day events to learn more about using ASP.NET, open source web apps and get to some practical HTML5 coding. What are Web Camps Belgium: Hands-on HTML5 and Web Apps? Web Camps Belgium are free full day training events where you… Read more

WebMatrix 2.0 Beta: download, play, publish

WebMatrix is a free web tool from Microsoft. In one sentence: it’s an all-in-one tool you can use to download, install and tweak and publish a website based on an open source app like WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, … OR program your own site with an easy-to-use Razor syntax and ASP.NET Web Pages. Now that’s a… Read more

Web developers: try out new IE10 Platform Preview 2 with Drag & Drop, File Reader API, Web Workers, CSS3 Floats and more

After a first Platform Preview in April, the IE team has now released Platform Preview 2 for Internet Explorer 10. As web developer, front-end web designer or integrator, it’s your opportunity to test new HTML5 technologies support, which will later be coming to the final release. It’s standalone install so no worries for any conflict… Read more

Write HTML5 and CSS3 with Visual Studio 2010 – download the free Standards Update today

Some folks at Microsoft are just great. Take Mads Kristensen and some folks in his team: last week they released a free update to Visual Studio 2010 SP1 that delivers better support for writing standards web pages. In essence, the extension adds Intellisense support for HTML5 and CSS3, following the newest W3C specs as good… Read more

Web Camp Belgium on ASP.NET MVC 3, NuGet, HTML5, jQuery and OData: videos and slides online

The first Web Camp Belgium was a success: we welcomed Scott Hanselman to keynote for a packed room and a well attended live stream. In this post you can find top links and resources to view the recorded content on-demand as well as download some of the slides. Further in this post: Interview with Scott… Read more