Register for a free SQL Server 2012 training

We’re very proud to announce that SQL Server 2012 is now generally available for purchase and download.  SQL Server 2012 delivers a powerful new set of capabilities for mission-critical workloads, business intelligence and hybrid IT across traditional datacenters and public and private clouds. To help you fully understand how SQL Server 2012 can impact your… Read more

Increasing your revenue and decreasing costs? Learn how

Why should an independent software vendor (ISV) care about cloud computing? The answer is simple: using the cloud has the potential to increase your revenues and/or decrease your costs. Running code and storing data on computers in large Internet-accessible data centers owned and operated by another organization can offer compelling advantages. Don’t miss this opportunity… Read more

Free Classroom Training: Touch Development For The Slate PC

In this 1-day, free of charge (for MSFT partners), classroom training you will learn hands-on (pun not intended ) how you can build touch-optimized applications for touch-enabled devices such as the Slate PC. We will provide you insight in the different capabilities of the platform and show you how and when to use each one… Read more