Running Powershell Web Jobs on Azure websites

Just last week we announced a series of new features for the Windows Azure platform.  One of those features is Web Jobs support for Windows Azure Web Sites.  Web Jobs enable you to run custom jobs on your web site, either on-demand, scheduled or continuously.  However, some people have already wondered why there is no… Read more

Are you ready to Build?

The one constant in this technology world is change.  Technology changes at an amazing pace and it’s not trivial to keep up with this as a developer. Only six months ago we were in San Francisco for Build 2013. Since that time we have released Windows 8.1 to the public, we launched Surface 2 and… Read more

Superhackathon is back on November 15: Bigger, Better, Bolder

With the general availability of Windows 8.1, the official launch of Surface 2, the announcement of Windows Phone 8 Update 3, the timing is perfect for you to show off your app development skills!  Continuing a great tradition, on November 15th we are organizing our second Superhackathon. At the Superhackathon you can come to develop… Read more

Apps made in Belgium: new in the Store #7

It’s time for our 7th blog post in our series of new Belgian Apps and it’s been a pretty big harvest again! If you missed the previous posts, you can find them here. Personalize your device right now by installing these apps. And don’t forget to provide your feedback to the developers by rating them… Read more

Stars of the Store

Over the last few weeks we have posted about new Belgian apps published to the Windows Store.  In this post we want to highlight a few ‘Stars of the Store’, great apps that have been in the Store for a while and have been updated recently. Yelo TV by Telenet – great for live watching… Read more

Apps made in Belgium: new in the Store #6

This is the 6th blog post in our series to highlight new apps in the Windows and Windows Phone Store, made by developers in Belgium.  And what great activity we have seen since our previous post! If you missed the previous posts, you can find them here. Personalize your device right now by installing these… Read more

Getting more downloads for your Windows Store app

How can you make your app more visible in the Windows Store and boost your downloads?  As we describe in the App Promotion Checklist, collecting user feedback can be accelerator for driving app downloads. In this blogpost I’m going to cover how to integrate collecting user feedback in your Windows Store app. Often users tend… Read more

How do you build a Windows Store LOB app?

When building a line-of-business (LOB) app there are numerous things to consider.  Of course you need a great user experience, but what about validating user input, user authentication, how do you deal with application state across suspend-resume, do you roam app state across devices, and there is much more to think about. But now you… Read more

Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service General Availability

Today we announced the general availability of our Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) support! With this release Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Network move out of Preview and are now ready to use for your production apps. With Azure Virtual Machines you can deploy and run durable VMs in the cloud, provisioned from… Read more

Cloudify your Windows 8 and iOS apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

With the introduction of apps and application stores, the process of building, selling and distributing software has been truly democratized.  But what if your application becomes a top hit and is being downloaded and used by millions of users?  How do you make sure that your backend services scales dynamically with this unpredictable demand? Windows… Read more