The updated Windows Phone 8 Training Kit is live!

  Overview The Windows Phone 8 Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations and code samples that are designed to help you learn how to build applications using the latest Windows Phone features. System requirements Supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8 The Windows Phone 8 Training Kit includes… Read more

Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service General Availability

Today we announced the general availability of our Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) support! With this release Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Network move out of Preview and are now ready to use for your production apps. With Azure Virtual Machines you can deploy and run durable VMs in the cloud, provisioned from… Read more

TechDays Hands-On Labs – Because there’s always more to learn

    Roll up your sleeves and experience the latest technology for yourself with Hands-On Labs @ TechDays 2013. It’s easy to get started. With no prior experience, you will build and publish your first Windows Phone or Windows 8 app or discover the power of Windows Azure. Developers or IT Pro, don’t miss this great… Read more

Avec Bizspark, accès a toute la technologie Microsoft gratuitement pour les startups

Connaissez vous Bizspark? Vous êtes une startup privée qui développe du logiciel et existez depuis moins de 3 ans. Ceci vous intéressera très certainement. Microsoft BizSpark est un programme innovant qui met en contact les jeunes sociétés avec des ressources technologiques et opérationnelles au sein d’une communauté mondiale, dans le but commun de soutenir et d’accélérer la réussite d’une… Read more

Windows App Day – slides and video from the event

A small month ago on November 23rd we welcomed over 200 attendees to our first Windows App Day in Antwerp, focusing on developer and User Experience/web content for building apps. What types of apps you ask? A lot of it was centered around Windows 8 Store apps but also Windows Azure and mobile services as… Read more

Cloudify your Windows 8 and iOS apps with Windows Azure Mobile Services

With the introduction of apps and application stores, the process of building, selling and distributing software has been truly democratized.  But what if your application becomes a top hit and is being downloaded and used by millions of users?  How do you make sure that your backend services scales dynamically with this unpredictable demand? Windows… Read more

New Windows Azure Features and Services for spring

Yesterday, Microsoft announced previews of new Windows Azure services that help developers build applications that connect data to users across public and private clouds, take advantage of VHDs and deploy scalable websites quickly and cheaply.  Today, Scott Guthrie will host “Meet Windows Azure” to introduce these new services.  And on Monday, as part of TechEd… Read more

Web Camp Europe: Special Spring Edition on May 3rd in Brussels

  Come to camp on May 3rd in Brussels on a very special edition of Web Camp to learn the latest on web development on the Microsoft Platform! Web Camps are free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers. This European edition is really unique with speakers flying in directly from the Microsoft main offices:… Read more

How does Windows Azure handle security, privacy & compliance?

In talking with ISVs, I very often get questions about security and data protection and data privacy when hosting an application in the cloud. For example, ‘What happens to my data once if my subscription ends? Is it physically destroyed from all media and backups?”.  These questions and concerns are all very relevant and valid,… Read more

Team Foundation Service: now with cloud-based build service

As you may or may not know, at the BUILD conference last September, Microsoft announced the availability of a preview of Team Foundation Service.  With Team Foundation Service Microsoft provides you world class ALM as a service, entirely hosted on the Windows Azure platform.  This means that you can benefit from all the great features… Read more