Apps made in Belgium: new in the Store #4

It’s Friday afternoon – the perfect time to update your device with the most recent apps in the Windows and Windows Phone Store, made by developers in Belgium! This is the 4th post in a series of blog posts to highlight new additions (if you missed the first posts, you can find them here).

Apps made in Belgium

Get your hands on these newcomers:

Windows 8 Windows Phone


Beer Rating Beer Rating

This app guides you in assessing and evaluating beers.

  TweetLive TweetLive

TweetLive is a simple tweet wall app for Windows Phone.

CollectionPlayer CollectionPlayer

Specialized music player app for music collectors.
  JessApp JessApp

Monitor your baby’s activities from all over the world.

Calc# Calc#

Friendly calculator for tablets that supports variables and various mathematical functions.

  Football Quest Football Quest

Football Quest is a puzzle game for all of the football lovers out there!

Random Pass Generator Random Pass Generator

Generate random passwords with this app.

  Neckermann Belgium Neckermann Belgium

Stay on top of Neckermann travel promo’s.

Get inspired by these recently published Belgian apps and build your own app this summer. Join the Developer Summer Quest today and win great prizes:

– Build a Windows Store app for Windows 8 and publish before September 15. 
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Prizes Windows 8 App


– Build a Windows Phone app and publish before September 15.
Enter the contest here and you may win a brand new Nokia Lumia 520 (10 out of 20 phones left to win!), geeky 8-bit sunglasses or even a Surface RT:

Windows Phone App Prizes