Belgians at Build: Day 0

Tonight (6PM Belgian time), the Build developer conference will kick off with a keynote session in San Francisco (watch it live on Ch9). Thousands of developers from all over the world will attend – and about 25 of them are from Belgium! One of those lucky few is Olivier Matis, C# MVP, and he’ll be sharing his experience at the conference in a series of blog posts this week. Below you can find his first post. Enjoy!

The MSDN Belux team


With Build kicking off this week, the suspense will finally be over about Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 …


Registration went smoother than last year

Registration opened today (June 25). We got the session planning, and, as I expected, there will not be a revolution but more like an evolution of the WinRT platform. Hopefully it should address most of the shortcomings of the OS. I don’t expect anything spectacular besides what we already know. But there might be some surprises on the hardware side, like new devices. We’ll see …

Talking about devices, the rumor about the goodies this year is a Surface Pro (v 2.0?) and a phone (Lumia 925, I’ve heard). Again, we’ll see.

So what is it like to be at Build ? Well it is exciting. Tons of networking opportunities. Depending on your interests (that you set in your registration profile) you’ll have invitations to private user group sessions. I can’t give details, as it is under NDA. But you can be invited to some really great sessions with the product teams from Microsoft or Nokia.

And, last but not least, there are the parties! Today I went to a dinner for the French speaking attendees, with some of the Microsoft France evangelists.


100% of people on my table had Windows Phone 😉

A steak, American-sized (700gr)
Xamarin party

Tons of food and drinks at the Xamarin party

As you can see, Build is an interactive conference. It’s a combination of business (sessions, user groups) and fun (networking, parties). So, I’m counting on you to be there next year!

Tomorrow the show will start, I’ll do some live coverage on Twitter, and a wrap up of my day. Stay tuned!

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