Build 2016 – Watch the livestream and win!

It’s officially 16 days, 6 hours, 33 minutes and 23 seconds till Build 2016, and we couldn’t be more excited! The Build conference is traditionally the place where Microsoft announces a number of upcoming innovations for developers. This year, expectations are even higher and there’s a growing anticipation when it comes to news regarding the… Read more

Riding the Modern Web: Render Mode-less

Internet Explorer 8 introduced the idea of document modes as a way to transition websites from proprietary features to features based on standards and supported by multiple browsers and devices. Subsequent releases of Windows Internet Explorer continued this transition by introducing new document modes that emulated features supported by earlier versions while introducing support for… Read more

Riding the Modern Web: Avoiding Browser Detection

Not all browsers or browser versions support the same features at a given time. Therefore, you need to swap out or change functionality in your website based on the browser (version) the user has. A commonly used approach is to add browser detection code to your website which will provide the best experience based on… Read more

Riding the Modern Web: CSS Vendor Prefixes

The use of CSS vendor prefixes is a very common practice in web development. We’ve all come across those constructs in CSS scripts, such as -moz-, -ms- or -webkit- or others. Using those prefixes, we can define browser-specific CSS markup. However, it is important to realize that these CSS prefixes were created and are still… Read more

Riding the Modern Web: Dealing with JavaScript Libraries

There are few websites that don’t make use of external JavaScript libraries. The most widely used library is probably jQuery. They allow you to reuse application logic that otherwise you’d have to write and maintain yourself, so why reinvent the wheel? On the other hand, as with any external code you use, you potentially introduce… Read more

Riding the Modern Web: Dealing with Plugins

Plugins were implemented to give us functionality that browsers and the web standards did not provide us. One such example is showing video content in a website. The web was initially setup to provide documents and links between documents, but not for playing video or audio content. However, plugins have become the main source of… Read more

Build your first website and win!

As a student have you ever wanted to write your own blog, create a website from scratch or simply try some cool stuff in the cloud? Then we’ve got the tool for you and what better it’s free?! To help you get started we’ve put together 3 steps to help you. Complete these three steps… Read more

WordPress site aanmaken via Microsoft Azure

Inleiding: Microsoft Azure is een clouddienst die je in staat stelt om snel en eenvoudig een website online te zetten. Azure heeft nog vele andere toepassingen, maar daar gaan we in deze tutorial niet verder op in. Ook al heb je geen ervaring met het maken van sites zijn er nog steeds andere mogelijkheden die… Read more

22 Hours a day of hot topics, talks and dreams.

Yesterday, the 1st of June I had probably one of the best days of my life. One of my dreams came thru, I had the opportunity to meet some of the big names of Microsoft from Redmond. Here is the schedule of my beautiful, but quite tiring day. I say tiring not because it was… Read more

Belgians at //Build 2015 – Summary from Day 2

“There’s a new Microsoft in town… And I like it!”   Yesterday, Bart Lannoeye wrote a great overview of what was announced in the keynote on the first day, today it’s my turn to follow in his footsteps.  The first thing we noticed when we were trying to enter the keynote room was exactly the same… Read more