SharePoint 2010 on Windows 8 RTM with SQL Server 2012 RTM

SharePoint 2010 on Windows 8 RTM with SQL Server 2012 RTM I thought I’d quickly share my experiences with installing SharePoint 2010 on the RTM version of Windows 8 with SQL Server 2012. Surprisingly this was a relatively painless experience. Here’s the high-level steps I followed: Installed Windows 8 RTM – awesome product! Installed SQL…


Truly Anonymous Intranet Surveys

Many of you have probably had a great experience using SharePoint Surveys. If you are using SharePoint in an Intranet type environment, you have no doubt set up a survey in SharePoint for some reason or other. And quite often when organizations set up a survey, they’d like users to be able to respond anonymously….


Mixing SharePoint Standard CALs and Enterprise CALs on the same farm

I decided that for my first MSDN blog post I would start with a controversial topic: Can an organization deploy a single SharePoint farm with a mixed blend of Enterprise and Standard CALs (client access licenses) for their users? What if only a small subset of users actually needs Enterprise features?  How do I control…