Just a policy violation…

I’m currently in a very nice hotel in Kiev. They gave me a room high up on the 7hth floor. Having the room high up usually implies silence at night and this is exactly what I’m looking for. However, it was 5 o’clock in the afternoon when I’ve heard some strange noise in my neighbor’s room. After hearing this guy crying I’ve started realizing that it smelled quite smoky for a non smoking room. I’ve opened the window and saw a lot of smoke coming out of my neighbor’s window. It was then when I realized that there was a fire! I opened the door where the whole hallway was completely filled with smoke. Shall I walk through the smoke are shall I wait for the firefighters to rescue me?  This is actually quite a tough decision, because the smoke was really burning in my eyes and it was near to impossible to breath under these conditions. I've decided to stay and I took the blankets and put them in front of the door, to make sure the smoke doesn’t get into my room. After doing this, I immediately called the receptionist to tell her that there is a fire on the 7th floor (There was NO fire alarm at all). To my surprise, she told me that there is no fire alarm because this is only a test. “A TEST” I cried into phone and told here there is some serious smoke on the floor. “Smoke?” she replied and meant maybe it’s better to call the fire department… In the meanwhile I opened the window to grasp for some fresh air. It was then when I’ve realized that all my neighbors where grasping for fresh air as well. I’ve told them about the test and asked them to call the receptionist as well, just to make sure they are really calling the firefighters. After a couple of minutes the guys returned to the window, and explained to me that the hotel stuff just told them that this is only a test! We were so frightened! Think about it: being on the 7th floor and there is a fire on your floor and the personal still believes it’s only a test. What would you do? I instantly called my wife and told her that I’m in trouble! “I’m on the 7th floor and there is a fire. If I don’t call you in the next hour I’m going to be in even more serious trouble…” Well how nice was this phone call?

After maybe an additional 15 minutes I’ve realized that there was no more smoke getting out of the windows and I tried to open the door again. To my surprise, most of the smoke disappeared. It was then when I saw one of the hotel staff. I’ve asked her what happened. She told me that it was only at test! Unbelievable! Only a test! Only a test! I was frightened to death. At the reception, they told me, that they usually inform the guests, but this time they just forgot. How can you forget that? Informing customer in such a scenario is a policy!

Policy violations can be very frightening…

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  1. Alex Papadimoulis says:

    Great post! Very well writen story 🙂

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