The European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS’04)

The European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS'04) will be held in Erfurt (Germany), September 27-30 2004.

Submission deadline for papers: April 23, 2004


Their list of suggested topics looks pretty good. It demonstrates quite impressive that Web Services technology consists of much more than just XML, WSDL, SOAP and UDDI:

  • Adoption of Web Services by organizations

  • Automatic computing for Web Services infrastructure

  • Business Grid solution architecture

  • Business process integration and management using Web Services

  • Case studies on Web Services based applications

  • Choreography issues and standards

  • Confluence of technologies of the Semantic Web and Web Services

  • Customization of existing Web Services

  • Data management issues in Web Services

  • Dynamic invocation mechanisms for Web Services

  • Economics and pricing models of utility computing and Web Services

  • Enhancements to existing standards

  • Frameworks for building Web Service applications

  • Grid architectures, middleware and toolkits

  • Mathematical foundations of Web Services

  • Multimedia applications using Web Services

  • Quality of service for Web Services

  • Resource management of Web Services

  • Scalability and performance of Web Services

  • Semantic contracts

  • Service oriented architectures based on Web Services

  • Service registries

  • Software re-usability and Web Services as wrappers of existing legacy systems

  • Solution management for Web Services

  • Trust, security & privacy in Web Services

  • Version management in Web Services

  • Web Service-based Grid computing and peer to peer computing

  • Web Service composition

  • Web Services and process management

  • Web Services architecture

  • Web Services-based applications for e-Commerce

  • Web Services discovery & selection

  • Web Services modeling & design

  • Web Services negotiation & agreement

  • Wireless Web, mobility, and Web Services

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