The Art of Writing Session Abstracts…

Sometimes it’s even more difficult to write a session abstract than to compile the skeleton of the presentation itself. This sounds maybe a bit strange, but in most cases I already have to know my session’s story and structure before I can start writing an accurate abstract. This implies that I have to write the presentation’s story before I’m able to write an accurate abstract. Another important question is the purpose of an abstract: Is its main purpose to get as many attendees as possible into your session or is its purpose to make sure that the attendees get the right expectations what my session will be all about? I definitely tend for the second one, but hold on, how can I embody the session’s structure, style and content within an abstract of 3 to 5 sentences?

This is the art of writing good, accurate and interesting abstracts…

If you have any tips and tricks in writing session abstracts, please let me know.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You should try to find a PA…?

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